The Guardian - 8,700 died after catching Covid in hospital - Sasha Johnson not the target 

The Guardian - 8,700 died after catching Covid in hospital - Sasha Johnson not the target 

The Guardian’s front page covers official NHS data that suggests 8,700 people died after catching Covid in hospital. The other lead story is on the shooting of Sasha Johnson as police insist she was not the intended victim. 

The EU and UK have strongly condemned Belarus over the Ryanair hijacking and sanctions are slapped on Belarus airline, reports the paper. 

Online the Guardian says the UK government is being urged to look into whether Princess Latifa has actually been freed from house arrest. 

Other news includes calls for clarity over the updated travel advice and Britain’s youngest MP to take time off. 


Covid-19:  8,700 died catching covid in hospital 

The Guardian reports on official NHS data that suggests up to 8,700 people died after they caught Covid-19 whilst in hospital for other reasons since March 2020. 

The figure represents almost three in 10 people who contracted Covid-19 in hospital, the paper says. Jeremy Hunt called the figures “devastating.” 

Sasha Johnson: An unintended victim 

The paper’s main picture is of London’s BLM activist Sasha Johnson. The story picks up on the latest news since the 26-year-old was shot in the head and her friends said she had been receiving threats. 

The paper reports Johnson may have been shot by mistake as detectives are investigating whether someone else was the target at the garden party. 

Police insist she was not specifically targeted and they do not believe the shooting was linked to her activism. 

Johnson underwent surgery and remains in a critical condition. 

EU and UK condemn Belarus 

Another image on the front page is of the Belarus opposition activist who has been arrested after Belarus fake a bomb threat to divert the Ryanair plane carrying him to land in Minsk. 

Belarus has blamed Hamas for the bomb threat, which they deny. 

The EU and Britain have put Belarus on notice of sanctions, the paper says. 

The EU has banned Belarus national airline from entering its airspace and warned of more economic sanctions to come. 

Headlines from the Guardian Online

Ministers urged to clarify travel advice for England’s Covid hotspots

The Guardian says ministers are being urged to provide clarity after advising against all but essential travel into and out of eight areas where the Covid variant is believed to be spreading fastest.

UK urged to intervene after another photo of Princess Latifa emerges

The UK government is being urged to intervene to find out whether Princess Latifa has really been freed from house arrest by her dad, after a third Instagram picture appears to show her in a Dubai shopping mall, the Guardian online says. 

Britain’s youngest MP to take time off with post-traumatic stress disorder

The Guardian reports Nadia Whittome, Labour MP for Nottingham East will take several weeks off work after her doctor diagnosed her with PTSD. 

She said: “Unfortunately, it has become clear that this is not feasible and I have been advised by my doctor that I need to take several weeks off in order for my health to improve.” 



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