The Guardian - George Floyd, 1 year on - Cummings attack on the PM

The Guardian - George Floyd, 1 year on - Cummings attack on the PM

The Guardian front page features a picture of George Floyd’s family at the White House on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death. 

The front page calls the change on travel restrictions a climbdown caused by anger. The paper says many were left confused as to whether or not they should cancel bookings. 

The front page also covered Dominic Cummings attack on the Prime Minister on the eve of the committee meeting. 

Online, the Guardian reports on pleas from the family of the Belarusian journalist who was arrested after Belarus authorities ‘hijacked’ a Ryanair plane just so they could arrest the opposition blogger.


Anger forces climbdown over travel restrictions 

The Guardian, like most of the front pages, leads with the updated advice on travel restrictions. The paper calls it a “climbdown”. The paper says local councils were “bombarded with queries” from people wondering whether or not they should cancel bookings they had made over the bank holiday and half-term breaks, and that hoteliers and campsite operators were also confused. 

George Floyd anniversary: Your dad is going to change the world

The paper’s front page features an image of George Floyd’s family including his daughter as the paper reports on how the George Floyd anniversary was covered around the world. The image shows Floyd’s family pictured at the White House. 

Cummings attacks PM on eve of date with MPs 

The paper says Dominic Cummings ‘ramped up his attack on Boris Johnson’ the night before the committee meeting, in which Cummings is expected to spill the secrets on the government’s handling of the pandemic

Report on Islamophobia ‘whitewashes’ Tories 

The front-page reports on the ‘long awaited’ review into Islamophobia within the Tory party. The paper says the review has been condemned by Muslim Tories as ‘white washing’. Despite the report including criticism of PM Boris Johnson’s language. 

Headlines from the Guardian Online

‘Please save him’: Belarus blogger’s parents urge action as Biden mulls sanctions

Online, the Guardian reports the parents of Raman Pratasevich have pleaded for international help to free the journalist who was arrested after Belarus authorities ‘hijacked a Ryanair flight, forcing it to land in Minsk so they could arrest him. 

The paper says US president Joe Biden said sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko’s regime were “in play” but provided no more details. 

New York district attorney convenes grand jury in Trump criminal inquiry

The paper online says New York prosecutors have convened a special grand jury to consider evidence in a criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s business dealings. 

The investigations include matters such as hush-money payments to women on Trump’s behalf, property valuations and employee pay. 



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