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Free Fitness classes for you 

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Fitness Classes for you to join
WTX Fitness Life classes With expert instructors

Together, every step of the way!

Together we can do it



We have classes to suit every level; beginners, advanced and age.



All our Fitness teachers and Yogi's are experts and natives



Exercise classes, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation all in one place


All of our fitness classes online, and sessions, are live and specific for that class, led by a qualified instructors. We give you a training plan -suited to you. You bring the booty and we bring the intensity.

Exercise Classes Online

Because we are committed, if you join our community you can also enjoy some of our free exercise classes. Be part of something spiritual, something refreshing, and something special.

Once you have had an induction, your PT will provide you with a fitness plan that will look like this:

  • Monday 7:00 am – Early Rise HIIT 2 (30 Mins)
  • Tuesday 6:30 am – Calisthenics level 2 (30 mins)
  • Wednesday – break
  • Thursday 2:00 pm- Bum, tums, and thighs – Burn workout 2 (30 mins)
  • Friday 8:00 am – Yoga 1 (30 mins)
  • Weekend – off –  9 am Optional Yoga 1  (30 mins)

Train with the best

To be better today.


Additionally, you will also get full access to our website with fitness and nutrition articles, and perfectly customised news briefing to start your day, informed. 

Join our Fitness for Life community and enjoy our free exercise guides that are there to help you along your journey and stay fit and healthy.

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Be part of something spiritual, something refreshing, and something special.

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