Best 2 minute soft glam makeup tutorial

2 minute soft glam makeup tutorial – for your Tiktok videos and reels

We are in the midst of  the second wave of a global health crisis, and some are pessimistic about the future. Others are on an “adapting” path for what may come next. This is for all those positive ones that think “It is a storm, it will pass. In the meantime, let us create some TikTok videos.”

Another special, this time from Sorina Cranganu Manole, the Makeup artist to many in Liverpool, as she creates a Soft Glam Makeup Look which is perfect for the camera. A complete step by step guide with a soft glam makeup tutorial below as well – Save the page so you can watch the tutorial again and again. Or better still, subscribe to our makeup & fashion section and we will drop you a gentle email every time we have a new Makeup lesson or tip.

But what does ‘soft glam makeup’ mean? Depending on who you ask, you will probably get a variety of definitions. Our definition is: think neutral, healthy-looking skin and a beautifully understated eye. We conclude it to be like a soft filter on Instagram, only better.

2 minutes soft glam makeup tutorial - for beginners

soft glam makeup looks
soft glam makeup step by step

Our guides are simple and effective and here is a perfect soft glam makeup tutorial we created for you.

But if you need any more instructions, just drop a question in the comments below and our resident MUA will drop you a reply.

soft glam makeup step by step

soft glam makeup step by step
Follow the guide for the natural soft glam makeup - By Sorina Cranganu Manole

natural soft glam makeup

Prepare your face

Step 1: Clean and freshen the skin by using a face cleanser or face wash.

Step 2: Use a base to create the perfect blank canvas ready for ultimate shimmer eyeshadow colour. We used P.LOUISE base.

Prepare your eye

Step 3: Get your favourite eyeshadow palette and use a neutral colour of your choice. We used our favourite, Mudpie & Mochachinos from Dolly Beauty.

Step 4: Neutral, warm shimmer tones for the eyelid. We used Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise in Rose Gold.

Step 5: Eyeliner by Charlotte Tilbury.

soft makeup look for tiktoks
2 minutes soft glam makeup tutorial
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Eye liner makeup tutorial

Finish off the eye

Step 6: Get those lashes pumping with lots of mascara, again Charlotte Tilbury.

For the under-eye:

Step 7: Conceal the dark circles. We used Barrie M concealer.

Step 8: Then grab the Doll Beauty palette again and underline with the same colour you used for an eyeshadow base.

Step 9: We could not forget about the inner corner of the eye. A dash of the same shimmer eyeshadow is enough.

Prepare your foundation

Step 10: Time to show off your foundation skills but put your primer on first. We used the Charlotte Tilbury primer.

Step 11:  Apply your foundation.

Step 12: Conceal, conceal, and conceal. We used L’Oréal concealer.

Step 13: Nothing wrong with baking! Bake those dark circles off.

Step 14: Contour? Is it too last season? Well, we still love it. We used Hourglass Cosmetics contouring.

Step 15: Blush your chicks. We used MAC blush.

Step 16: Highlight your good angles. We used MAC Illuminator.

what is soft glam makeup

Enjoying it so far? Final two steps, lips:

Step 17: Overline your lips. (Charlotte Tilbury lip liner)

Step 18: Put on the neutral lipstick. We used Revlon lipstick.


The makeup of the Future

Makeup tutorial video for advanced MUA – Watch the video with full instructions for soft glam makeup looks

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