Skincare Trends for 2022 

Since the pandemic, health and wellness has been given a new face - 2021 saw a rise in the “skinification of beauty.” Vogue spoke to experts who gave their predictions of skincare trends for 2022.
Skincare Trends for 2022

Skincare Trends for 2022 

Since the pandemic, health and wellness has been given a new face – 2021 saw a rise in the “skinification of beauty.” As people look more towards healthy living and skincare, Vogue spoke to experts to see what skincare trends will be in for 2022. 

Here are Vogue’s expert skincare trend predictions for 2022. 

Dr Anna Puri, Skinora UK


“I expect that 2022 will see more people opting for simpler skincare routines and a minimalistic approach. After a few trials and errors, many of our clients are starting to realise that less is more when it comes to skincare and that using too many products doesn’t guarantee effective results; it can sometimes even do the opposite. Simply keeping your skin hydrated and protected can make a big difference.”

At-home treatments

“At-home treatments are set to continue rising in popularity. We are seeing a rise in requests for face masks, overnight rejuvenating treatments, hydrating and chemical-peel-like masks. Some people aren’t satisfied with the mild results achieved with many over-the-counter products and they want something that will make a greater difference to their skin.”


Sunscreen will remain in demand throughout 2022 as its vital use is now recognised, widely recommended and emphasised by doctors, aestheticians and beauticians as being one of the most important skin care requirements.”

LED light masks

LED light masks are another trending treatment that will follow us into the new year; many clients are opting for serums, creams and treatments at home that would be on par with the treatments we offer at our clinic. These work best when applied before an LED light mask.”

Winter Skincare routine from INSTA TALK

Jasmina Vico

‘Inside outside’ approach

“I forecast for 2022 that there will be extra emphasis on the health of your skin with more people embracing the ‘inside outside’ approach to skincare. More education is needed for people to understand their own skin. People often buy the latest skincare products without considering their skin type or concerns, and what their skin actually needs. I live by the mantra less is more, and hope that people will start to strip back their routines to just the essentials; I’m also seeing more bespoke treatment plans to target individual needs.” 

Japanese indigo 

“An ingredient on my radar currently is Japanese indigo which has healing and anti-inflammatory properties and is especially good for skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. I believe we will start to see this pop up more and more in skincare products.”

Strip it back

“Following on from the 2021 trend, where we saw people pulling back from throwing so many actives and products in general at their skin due to lockdown experimentation which often meant sensitised and irritated faces, we will be seeing more targeted but kinder skin routines. Think balance and simplicity or treat and repair rather than all guns blazing. While we all love a quick win, it’s the long term slow and steady ‘skinvestment’ that works the best.”

Ceramides and essential fatty acids

“We will see more focus on barrier repair and supporting the skin’s microbiome; yes, we need to support and balance the skin’s bacteria, not strip it. So ceramides and essential fatty acids will continue to be a go-to recommendation from skin professionals, as well as gentler cleansing, next-generation enzymes, which give a gentle but thorough exfoliation, and collagen-boosting amino acids.”

Skin cell energy

“We will hear more about ATP (skin cell energy), and specific products and treatments that boost ATP that don’t involve traditional trauma (e.g. controlled damage to trigger repair). This means no inflammation. A new generation of professional and home care products are able to activate cell energy, meaning skin rejuvenation without any damage. Watch out for cold lasers, the switch treatment by Circadia and skin bio-stimulators.”

Technological innovation

“The new generation of super skin machines are also becoming more widely available. Firm favourites in top skin clinics are the lifting HIFU technology and the microneedling radiofrequency treatments for skin texture, scarring and wrinkle reduction. Combine these with more established and proven lasers for pigmentation, veins and brightening and you have the ultimate rejuvenation option for those that want to age gracefully, healthier and visibly fresher but 100% you.”

Ron Robinson, BeautyStat Cosmetics

Results-driven and ingredient-focused

“For 2022, consumers will continue to look for products that have ingredients that they believe will deliver results for their skin. Online searches for specific active ingredients will continue to rise as consumers are eager to learn more about these ingredients. Ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol and niacinamide will be heavily searched given they have been shown to deliver results. Furthermore, consumers will look for products that have testing to validate the claims they are making.”


“Consumers will also be looking for products that are eco-friendly.  They will look for products that are recyclable and/or have refillable packaging and ingredients that are ethically sourced. Ultimately, consumers will be looking for products that give back to the environment rather than just take.”

Broader protection

“Consumers will continue to look for products that not only deliver results, but they will also be looking for products to protect them. Consumers are more and more aware that they need to protect themselves not only from UV damage, but from blue light, smoke, smog, pollution as well as germs, bacteria, and viruses. Hence, we will see consumers looking for more specialised sunscreens, blue light protection treatments, antioxidant serums as well as anti-microbial products.”

Joanne Evans, Skin-Matters

Quality over quantity

“Use less but the best. I think consumers have soaked up the rush of a skincare frenzy and realised that the more ingredients you apply, often the more harm you are doing to your skin, and you just aren’t getting the results expected. Clients want a concentrated routine, bespoke to the consumer with the best ingredients paired with their specific skin type and concerns.”

Skincare programmes

“Clients are no longer looking for quick-fix treatments; the future of facials are long-term bespoke programmes, the same way you think about a training programme for your body, it is the same concept for the skin, mind, and body. There is a demand for luxury care both inside and outside of the treatment room which includes post, and pre-care, specialist consultancy and at-home routine recommendations for long-term results.”

Check out the Vogue article for the full review from the experts. 

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