Italy restaurants open as Italy eases restrictions as Museums reopen

Italy restaurants open as Italy eases restrictions as the country tries to return to some form of normality as restaurants and museums are allowed to reopen. Some regions – including Rome and Venice – have been downgraded from orange to “lower risk” yellow zones.

As many European countries begin toughening up COVID-19 restrictions, Italy has started relaxing them.

The relaxation of the rules on Monday followed a warning from the World Health Organisation and other experts that it may be too soon.

italy Coronavirus ‘Soft-Opening’

However, the easing of restrictions hasn’t pleased many business owners. Some of them have suggested that italy coronavirus reponing feels like a fake. As Italy restaurants open, people are not back in the office and for us, “it is like being closed – only open on the surface” remarked one restaurant owner from Rome.

Italy has recorded more than two million infections and around 88,500 deaths from COVID-19 – with 11,252 new cases recorded on Sunday. The country has been one of the worst-hit by the pandemic.

You can follow the full outline by the Italian Parliament here.

Matteo Renzi on Saturday urged majority parties to come up with a new common political programme as a solution to the country’s political crisis.

The former Italian prime minister and the leader of the Alive party said a clear path was essential given the arrival of EU funding to kick-start European economies after the pandemic amid ongoing talks with Chamber of Deputies President Roberto Fico.


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