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Breaking News: India firing across the LoC border killing 4 injuring 13

India deploys 10,000 more troops in Kashmir

The machine gun, mortar and artillery shelling began close to sunset at least 4 are dead.


India has started firing and shelling across the Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan, Indian troops resorted to shelling from across the dividing line, Killing at least four civilians dead and wounding 13.

The machine gun, mortar and artillery shelling began close to sunset. Simultaneously coordinated in Kotli the most intensely hit region, Bhimber and Poonch districts and was “intense and indiscriminate”, targetting military and civilians.

An official Pakistani statement suggests Indian forces acted without any provocation, according to deputy commissioner Dr Umer Azam.

Dr Azam said that one of the shells fell on a house in Mohra Dharoti village of Nakyal sector killing a woman and her two children and wounding three children.

Indian mortar shelling has also taken place in Tattapani and parts of Charhoi sectors, but no casualties were reported. But the casualties are expected to rise with more fire coming consistently.

“Since shelling is continuing intermittently, the casualties may go up … Once the guns fall silent we will be able to ascertain the exact details of losses,” he said.

Pakistan has not returned gunfire thus far but has outlined that an attack is imminent with another war between the two nuclear-powered nations looking more likely by the minute.

The military standoff was escalated today after the Indian LoC violation, a transgression for which Major General Ghafoor, the director general of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR),  warned India to “wait for our response”.


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