World War II Soviet flag begins to appear across parts of Ukraine

The World War II Soviet flag is beginning to appear across parts of Ukraine ahead of Russia’s May 9 WWII Victory Day celebration.

Russian forces claim to have liberated certain parts of Eastern Ukraine, or as Putin’s remarks suggest ‘denazify’ the region. Slowly, the World War II Soviet flag is beginning to appear in more and more Ukrainian cities.

World War II Soviet flag appears in Ukraine

Ukrainian forces are continuing to resist Russian attacks in the southeastern port city of Mariupol. But the Mariupol will fall soon as the Ukrainians simply don’t have the weapons to fight the Russians.

The Soviet flag — flown over Berlin’s Reichstag on May 9, 1945, when the Nazis surrendered to the Soviets — bears the Soviet hammer and sickle insignia with the inscription, “150th Rifle, Order of Kutuzov Second Class, Idritz Division, 79th Rifle Corps, 3rd Shock Army, 1st Belorussian Front.”

May 9 has since become a revered holiday in Russia and many parts of Eastern Europe and the flag is an important icon of the victory achieved in defeating Hitler.

President Zelenskyy warns the world

As Russian troops bear down on the besieged southeastern port city of Mariupol, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned his forces don’t have enough “serious and heavy” weapons. Some 120,000 people remain trapped in the city, he said.

Video Ukraine shoots down Russian cruise missiles fired at Lviv region

World War II Soviet flag in Kherson

Russian troops raised a large flag as part of a staged propaganda stunt in occupied Kherson, videos published on Tuesday show. Videos published on Wednesday by Russian-backed separatists in Kreminna showed troops fixing the victory flag to a Ukrainian government building.

Kreminna fell under Russian and Russian-backed separatist control earlier this week, Ukrainian officials said. Russian forces in Ukraine’s Luhansk region have taken central Rubizhne and the nearby village of Kreminna.

The flag was also placed atop the regional council building in the Russian-occupied town of Henichesk in Kherson province. A statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin was reinstalled in front of the council building earlier this week.