LIVE – Russian invasion of Ukraine – Live reporting from Ukraine 24-7

DAY 3 LIVE - Russian invasion of Ukraine - Live reporting from Ukraine

LIVE – Russian invasion of Ukraine

Catch up on the headlines from Russia and Ukraine with our Live reporting from Ukraine. 

You can follow all the news as it comes in – Live reporting invasion from Ukraine.

Save the page. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has attracted an incredible amount of propaganda and fake news stories. 

The people who are suffering are the Ukrainians who have been displaced, killed and captured. No-one disagrees with that.

But so many people are suggesting that their is an endgame that is involves Russian sanctions and isolation. 

The cost of the war in Ukraine

Whilst Ukraine will be left in ruins and in need of a rebuild. The unfortunate cost of the war will leave the country with debt for the arms that have been supplied by the United States and being used as a proxy for the US.

Russia has a perspective which is monitored and blocked by major search engines.

Ukraine and specifically the President Zelensky is on a PR war. Rallying as many world leaders to join to condemn the Russian invasion.  

Will Ukraine join NATO?

The questions everyone is still asking is Will Ukraine be able to join NATO and the EU.

And if that happens will Russia take this war to the next level.

On the Ground reporting from WTX News

Follow WTX News for the latest news from the ground in Ukraine. 

We have staff and reporters on the ground in Ukraine who are reporting to us around the clock. 


You can also follow our YouTube Channel, where we bring you a constant stream of videos from the European Union.

On WTX News EU – A new channel after our last one was banned, for sharing the Truth about the War.

Russians flee to border after military call-up

Ukraine war: Russians flee to border after military call-up

Many young Russian men are attempting to leave the country to avoid a military call-up for the Ukraine war. 

Queues have formed at border crossings since Russian president Putin announced a partial military mobilisation on Wednesday. The announcement could see 300,000 people called upon to join the war.  

The Kremlin says reports of fighting-age men fleeing the country are exaggerated. But miles-long queues of vehicles have formed near the border, some of them are using bikes to bypass the lines of cars and evade a ban on crossing on foot. 

Georgia is one of the few neighbouring countries that Russians can enter without needing to apply for a visa. Finland, does require a visa for travel but reported an increase in traffic overnight, but said it remained manageable. 

Other destinations that are reachable by air – Istanbul, Belgrade and Dubai – have seen ticket prices skyrocket immediately after Putin’s call up with some destinations selling out completely. Turkish media reported a large rise in one-way ticket sales.

Germany signalled on Thursday that Russians fleeing the draft would be welcome in the country. 

But Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Czech Republic said they would not offer fleeing Russians refuge.

Liz Truss dismisses Putin’s nuclear threats as sign of desperation

Liz Truss dismisses Putin’s nuclear threats as sign of desperation

The Guardian says Liz Truss has dismissed as “sabre-rattling” Vladimir Putin’s warning that Russia will use “all the means at our disposal” to protect itself, warning in her UN speech: “This will not work.”

The Russian president’s threats in a televised address to the nation appeared to suggest the conflict in Ukraine could spiral into a nuclear crisis, prompting a furious response from world leaders, led by the US president, Joe Biden.

The new UK prime minister, who addressed the UN in New York hours after a virtual speech by the Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, urged world leaders not to “let up” on dealing with Putin despite domestic concerns about soaring energy prices.

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