Video Ukraine shoots down Russian cruise missiles fired at Lviv region

Ukraine shoots down Russian cruise missiles fired at Lviv region and watch the video as Ukraine ambush the Russian military.

The head of the Lviv regional military administration in western Ukraine said Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems downed Russian cruise missiles that were fired on Saturday morning toward the Lviv region.

“In the morning of April 16, missiles were fired at the Lviv region from Su-35 aircraft of the Russian occupiers,” Regional military governor Maksym Kozytsky said.

“Units of anti-aircraft missile forces Air Command West of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed four cruise missiles.”

Kozytsky also claimed the Russian aircraft that fired the missiles had taken off from Baranovichi airfield in neighbouring Belarus.

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Ukraine shoots down Russian cruise missiles

The Ukrainian military previously said it has shot down several missiles fired towards its territory from Belarus.

After Russia failed to gain the ground it wanted around Kyiv, forces retreated back into Belarus to regroup and redeploy. Belarus has also been recognized as a key ally for Russia on the world stage.

Russia’s attacks have intensified in eastern Ukraine, with heavy shelling in the southern regions of Mykolaiv and Kherson as well, according to the Ukrainian military and regional officials.


Missiles fired towards its territory