My fellow New Yorkers – we got him – Mayor Eric Adams

My fellow New Yorkers – we got him – Mayor Eric Adams

“My Fellow New Yorkers- we got him” Mayor Eric Adams NYC.

After a 30-hour manhunt, NYPD Police in New York City have arrested a man suspected of shooting 10 commuters in a rush-hour attack at a Brooklyn subway station.

Frank James outlaw, 62, is alleged to have donned a construction worker, vest and a gas mask before throwing smoke grenades and opening fire.

A massive 30-hour manhunt was launched in the wake of the Brooklyn subway attack.

Mr James was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon in Manhattan after police received a tip-off, they said.

We got him

“My fellow New Yorkers: we got him,” Mayor Eric Adams said via video during a news conference.

Officials said Mr James was the sole suspect in the shooting at Brooklyn’s 36th Street station on Tuesday morning, in which 23 people were wounded, 10 of them from gunfire. The attack renewed calls to address violence in the city’s transit system.

Eric Adams’ security increased after online videos show Brooklyn shooting a person of interest ranting at the mayor

Frank James arrested

Keechant Sewell, New York’s police commissioner, said that Mr James was arrested “without incident”. “There was nowhere left for him to run,” she said.

After Frank James arrested he will be charged on several counts, authorities said, including the violation of a federal law which prohibits “terrorist and other violent attacks” against mass transit systems. He could face life in prison if found guilty.

He had nine prior arrests, police said, and he had ties to Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The search for Mr James was complicated by malfunctioning cameras inside the subway station. Officials on Wednesday were working to determine whether one or multiple cameras at the station were broken.

The suspected gunman escaped the scene but was linked to the attack through a rented U-Haul van. The key to the van, rented in Philadelphia, was found at the scene, along with a Glock 9mm handgun, three ammunition magazines, a plastic container containing petrol, and a credit card with Mr James’ name on it, police said.

Mr James is expected to make his first court appearance in New York on Thursday.


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