Latest from Ukraine – Day 9 in Ukraine Pictures – Frustration & Despair

‘WE are on our own now’ – Zelensky no-fly zone

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the West for its continued refusal to enforce a no-fly zone over his country.

“All the people who die will die because of you,” he said.

Kyiv continues to be hit by Russian airstrikes.

Euro News – Citizens in European Capitals across the world march against the war and some pro-Putin demonstration

Day 9 in Ukraine – In Pictures – You can watch some of the videos from these protests on our Twitter and YouTube channel 

We will have a live broadcast at 7 AM GMT from the cities. 

President Zelensky has only one choice and that is to negotiate with Putin. It is incredibly unfortunate that he is going to have to do this, but it is his last option to save the bloodshed. At some point, he will have to (reluctantly) act on this. That is the only way to save Europe

“Today the leadership of the [Nato] alliance gave the green light for the further bombing of Ukrainian cities and villages"

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We can comfortably call Putin ‘RasPutin‘ and at the same time blame the Americans for not meeting his ‘demands’ and say sorry when we are wrong. Because that is actually the truth.

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