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Manchester is home to two of the UK’s biggest universities Manchester Main University and what used to be UMIST ( who have merged as one university) and Manchester Metropolitan University.

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The rise of Manchester City, since being purchased by the Abu Dhabi Media Group, has created two powerhouses of English Football. Alongside Man UTD who is arguably the most popular English club in the world.

This increase in wealth and superstars in the region has created a focus in Manchester that is in the spotlight 24-7.

Greater Manchester and Manchester

Greater Manchester is a metropolitan county. The county was created on 1 April 1974.

A combined authority area in North West England, with a population of 2.8 million. comprising ten metropolitan boroughs: Manchester, Salford, Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan.

Manchester is a city in Greater Manchester, England, with a population of 547,627 in 2018. It is fringed by the Cheshire to the south, the Pennines to the north and east and the neighbouring city of Salford to the west


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Where is Manchester? 

Manchester is a major cosmopolitan city in England. It sits in the northwest of England and has a rich industrial heritage. The city is home to two of the biggest football teams across the globe – Manchester United F.C and Manchester City both based in Manchester.

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Old Trafford - Manchester United FC stadium Old Trafford based in Manchester with a capacity of 74,140 seats for fans
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It is a city vibrant with investment and in the last 20 years, it is known as the capital of the north. Similar to London it has a Mayor of Manchester and has a Greater Manchester area which, on paper makes it the 2nd largest in the country.

It has a ring road motorway which circles the greater Manchester area called the M60.

The latest news from Manchester

Greater Manchester is the second largest area in England and it is no surprise that it has the highest number of news agencies after London. In fact, The BBC has moved their broadcasting headquarters to Salford from London. You can follow the latest news from Manchester at WTX News.

Manchester Evening News is heavily focused on news from Manchester and the Greater Manchester and Lancashire area. In fact, Manchester Evening News – Covers central and Greater Manchester, including news from Oldham, Rochdale and Glossop.

WTX News UK is based in Manchester and covers the latest news without bias from the North West region. The news service is focused on covering daily news as well as ethnic news from the Northwest region, which is heavily populated by ethnic communities as well as English or Mancunians as they are affectionately known.

The latest news from Manchester
WTX News and BBC News both have offices in Manchester

About Manchester

Is Manchester a city or state?


County: Greater Manchester

Sovereign state: United Kingdom

Country: England

Region: North West England

City region: Manchester

What is Manchester famous for?

You may hear people refer to Manchester as England’s second city. It was once a powerhouse of industry and is now a major cultural hub. Manchester is famous for its nightlife, extensive libraries and sporting history. 

The latest Manchester News 
The latest Manchester News

Manchester weather

Manchester is 30 miles from the coast and often resembles coastal weather.

Manchester, GB
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Does it snow in Manchester UK?

Throughout the year, in Manchester, United Kingdom, there are 8.4 snowfall days, and 71mm (2.8″) of snow is accumulated.

What is the hottest month in Manchester?

The hottest month of the year in Manchester is July, with an average high of 68°F and a low of 56°F.

Weather in Manchester vs London

The latest Manchester News 
The latest Manchester News

The weather in Manchester is very different from the weather in London – it’s rainy all year long in Manchester. It’s also much colder in summer – you can often see 23+ temperatures in London, and at the same time, it would be just around 17-18 in Manchester.

famous people from manchester

A lot of familiar faces are Mancunians (people from Manchester). Here are a few examples: Noel and Liam Gallagher, Bernard Hill, Danny Boyle, Ian McKellen, Emmeline Pankhurst and Ian Brown.

Manchester United & Manchester City 

Manchester is home to two of the world’s biggest football clubs – Manchester United F.C and Manchester City.

Is Manchester on lockdown today? We’ll bring you the latest Covid-19 news from Manchester – including updates on restrictions and lockdowns and health services. 

Quick facts about Manchester

The latest Manchester News 
The latest Manchester News

Is Manchester rich or poor?

According to the 2017 Indices of Multiple Deprivation, Manchester is the 4th most deprived local authority in England. On the other hand, Greater Manchester is home to more multi-millionaires than anywhere outside London, with the City of Manchester taking up most of the tally.

The rise of the Two football clubs in Manchester has added more millionaires to the city.

Is Manchester a nice city?

Manchester is a cosmopolitan city which is rich in culture and heritage. In 2019 Manchester has been ranked at the top of the most liveable city in the UK according to The Economist world Liveability Survey, well ahead of any other major British city (sorry, London).

Is Manchester as big as London?

London is the largest urban agglomeration (Greater London) in the United Kingdom in 2020, with an estimated population of 9.8 million people, more than three times as large as Manchester, the UK’s second biggest urban agglomeration (Greater Manchester).

What are people from Manchester called?

People from Manchester are known as Mancunians.


 A Quick look at Manchester