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‘Mini volcanoes’ have popped up along a beach in Texas after being dug by ghost shrimp.

The sand mounds can be seen scattered along Quintana Beach County Park, which appeared due to a ‘extremely low tide’.

Park staff explained they are important to the ocean’s ecosystem as the crustaceans push oxygen into the sand as they burrow themselves in the mounds.

Footage shows the volcano-like mounds, each with a tiny hole at the top of them.

Sand then begins to be pushed up on the right side, opening and closing the hole.

Ghost shrimp are capable of digging holes as far as four feet deep, helping organic matter decompose and providing food for other creatures.

The holes they dig are also used as a source of protection for their fragile bodies.

There are four distinct species of ghost shrimp which have been discovered.

Park staff explained they are important to the ocean’s ecosystem (Picture: Facebook)

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Ghost shrimp are 3 to 4 inches long and can dig burrows 4 feet deep (Picture: Facebook)

They typically exist in the Gulf of Mexico.

‘Despite their shrimp-like appearance, they are actually more closely related to crabs,’ the National Park Service said. 

Some parks strictly prohibit anyone from capturing the shrimp.

Even though they are pushing oxygen into the sand, the crustaceans can survive for up to six days without it.

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