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India has grown into a world superpower. Amazingly a country that is growing on multiple levels, with advanced industrialist and commercial giants in one wave and poverty-stricken poor labourers in another.

The balance and migration of Indians make the influence of India and Indian policy one of serious economic and global power.

As well as being at the centre of two tense borders, one with China to the west of the country and the other with Pakistan and the infamous disputed land of Kashmir.

The influence and growth of India makes the news from India and foreign policy relevant and a must needed for globalist and world politics.

“The pen drives were kept on bus seats, at bus stands and were given to people in public places like parks,” an official told the daily. “These pen drives had more than 2,000 files which included videos and photos. After a few hours, we saw these being widely shared on WhatsApp.”

India’s general election, the largest-ever election, has begun and will take around 44 days until the polls close. To get people voting in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru, companies in the city are offering a range of incentives – from free food to taxi rides.

Security forces in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh say they have killed 29 Maoist rebels. The incident has occurred just days before the country heads to the polls. The killing took place in the Kanker area close to Bastar, a stronghold of the rebels.