In Conversation Ukrainian special – The Inhumane treatment of Ukrainians by British & the goodwill of the Polish

Yasrab Shah, the director of fundraising for Muslim Hands and Robina Qureshi, boss of Positive Action In Housing charity in Glasgow speak to Yvonne Ridley over the Ukrainian refugee crisis in this weeks In Conversation.

This week’s episode looks at the refugee crisis from the UK and at the Ukrainian border

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked the biggest refugee crisis since World War 2 and within the next few weeks, it is believed as many as 4 million people would have been displaced because of the ongoing war.

Poland has taken the majority of those refugees and in a very short time, the Polish authorities have transformed the border to cope with the millions of Ukrainian refugees who are escaping the war.

In conversation takes a look at how UK charities are on the front line of the refugee crisis are coping with the onslaught of refugees.

And how NGOs at home are dealing with the surge of applications to ‘£350 to house a Ukrainian‘ and the unfolding crisis of the inhumane treatment of Ukrainians.

More than 43,000 people offer to house Ukrainian refugees making website crash

Trailer – The onslaught of refugees on the Polish border – ’emotions run high’

Yasrab Shah, the director of fundraising for Muslim Hands – a UK charity that has been distributing emergency aid to thousands of fleeing refugees from Ukraine sits down and talks to Yvonne Ridley.

Reflecting on the charity’s emergency dispatch team to how Ukrainians need help now, in the current crisis as there is an onslaught of refugees on the Polish border

The inhumane treatment of Ukrainians is a humanitarian crisis unfolding at home caused by the cash for housing a Ukrainian scheme

Robina Qureshi, boss of Positive Action In Housing charity in Glasgow, speaks to Yvonne Ridley about the government’s ‘unhelpful’ refugee scheme.

The cash to house Ukrainian refugees is a crisis that is ‘inhumane and undignified.’

In a no-holds-barred conversation, Qureshi discusses what positive steps the general public can take to help refugees fleeing Ukraine and how the British government are creating more problems for NGOs down the line.


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