The Observer - PM’s chaos could hit 21 June plan to lift lockdown - Starmer

The Observer - PM’s chaos could hit 21 June plan to lift lockdown - Starmer

The Observer’s front page leads with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s warning the PM’s ‘serial incompetence’ and ‘civil war’ within the government could hit June plans to lift lockdown.

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Starmer: PM’s chaos could hit 21 June plan to lift lockdown

The Observer’s front page features an article written by Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer warning that the 21 June lockdown lift date is at risk. Starmer says the date is at risk because of serial incompetence and “civil war” inside Boris Johnson’s government. 

The paper calls it his strongest attack yet on the government’s handling of the pandemic, as he describes the 80,000 second-wave deaths as “avoidable and unforgivable”.

Good day sunshine

A pretty picture of sunseekers at a West Bay, Dorset beach enjoying the sunshine on the Bank Holiday weekend features on the front page. 

Parents prepare for legal action over A-levels 

The Observer says parents worried about this summer’s teacher-assessed A-level grades are already contacting lawyers about how to appeal against their children’s grades. 

Headlines from the Observer

Health experts urge caution on giving Covid vaccines to UK children

The Observer says as the US and Europe approve plans to immunise teenagers, scientists in Britain advise delay. 

They say UK medical authorities, who are currently studying how vaccines for adolescents might be administered, should move with great care over the implementation of such a programme.

Staycation boom forces tenants out of seaside resort homes

The Observer says the lockdown shackles are off. The great half-term getaway began with predictable traffic chaos on Friday night as Britons finally got the chance to escape to the seaside.

But some people living in the resorts are being forced to head in the opposite direction along the clogged-up roads, priced out of their homes by a coastal housing crisis that has been turbocharged by the pandemic.

Pizza Express waiting staff outraged as share of tips is cut

The Observer says Pizza Express is facing a backlash from waiting staff after their slice of tips was cut in order to pay kitchen workers more.

The Unite union said workers would lose an average of £2,000 a year after their share of tips paid via credit and debit cards or the company’s app was suddenly reduced from 70% to 50% when Pizza Express restaurants reopened this month.

Martin Bashir won over BBC with his grasp of theology

The Observer says John Ware, the reporter behind the devastating BBC Panorama investigation into Martin Bashir’s famous 1995 interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, claims the BBC bosses who gave the reporter his most recent job were blinded by the depth of his theological knowledge.

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