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The Sun – Married Ellie and her surf hunk 

The Sun’s front page features pop star Ellie Goulding, pictured in Costa Rica with a man said to be her surfing instructor. The paper suggests the singer is in a new relationship with a ‘surf hunk’ claiming ‘wedding rings are off’ and her ‘hunny remains in the UK.’ 

There is room – although only a little – to report on non-celebrity news. The front page says Parliament has surrendered to a “violent Hamas-backing mob”. In an editorial, the paper says this is a shaming, chilling, highly dangerous moment. It says the only reason why the Commons debated a ceasefire in Gaza was for left-wing MPs to assure voters that they backed the Palestinians.

US company makes historic Moon landing

US company makes historic Moon landing

A private US company – Intuitive Machines – has made history by becoming the first commercial outfit to put a spacecraft on the Moon. “What we can confirm, without a doubt,

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