USA warns China of risky War games and "misjudgments"

USA warns China of risky War games and "misjudgments"

The USA warns China of playing war games and Washington has issued a warning to the Chinese Government for playing war games in Taiwan.

According to US reports, there has always been one wave by day and one by night: Chinese air force units caused considerable unrest for me with their flights near Taiwan.

On Sunday, China had 16 fighter jets circled over waters south of Taiwan.  For Taiwan’s prime minister, Su Tseng-Chang, the airspace violations are “warlike” acts.

War games and US war with China

They passed Taiwan in several waves and marked the limits of the Chinese claim to power in the South China Sea with their course across the sea.

The breach of the air security area around Taiwan is not only a message to the Taiwanese government, but also to its allies in Washington and London. “Don’t do anything stupid in my area” is the essence of this message from Beijing.

“We urge China to ease its military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan,” said US State Department spokesman Ned Price on Sunday (local time). The current military threats increase the risk of “misjudgments” and would threaten peace and stability in the region, Price added. Taiwan will continue to be supported in its defence capabilities.

USA warns China and China warns the USA

However, this should not be confused with the actual airspace over Taiwan, from which the Chinese associations stayed away. They only came close to it.

Mutual provocations are not uncommon. Over the years the Taiwan government have consistently tried to advance their boundaries and airspace, supported by Washington is what some call a proxy war, the US war with China. Something the Chinese are not willing to accept.

Taiwan is one of the most important reasons why the South China Sea has been considered the most dangerous conflict zone between the superpowers USA and China for years.


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