Ukraine claims it hit a Russian warship hit with a missile strike

Ukraine claims it hit a Russian warship with a missile strike as the Russians have evacuated the warship. Russia has denied the claims.

Conflicting reports have emerged from the Russians and Ukrainians about an incident involving a Russian warship in the Black Sea.

Satellite images from Maxar Technologies showed the ship just northwest of Sevastopol, Crimea on April 10.

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Russian warship hit with a missile strike

What the Russians say: The Russian Defense Ministry claimed Wednesday that the warship Moskva was evacuated after a fire on board detonated ammunition, seriously damaging the vessel, according to Russian state media.

The Russian Defense Ministry has also not posted any official statement on its Telegram channel acknowledging the evacuation, or fire on board.

Ukraine claims it hit a Russian warship

Ukraine authorities claim that the Russian warship hit with a missile strike. Hours earlier, Odesa state regional administrator Maxim Marchenko claimed in a post on Telegram that Ukrainian forces hit the ship with “Neptune” missiles causing serious damage to it.

Due to large storms over the Black Sea obscuring satellite imagery and sensory satellite data, WTX News has not been able to visually confirm the ship has been hit.

Russian state media outlets TASS and RIA reported the ship’s crew was evacuated and that the cause of the fire was still being established. According to the Defense Ministry, the Moskva is a missile cruiser that was built and commissioned in 1982.