UK flight, ferry and train bans over Covid-19 new variant – Full updated list

UK flight, ferry and train bans over Covid-19 new variant – Full updated list


                                                                                 The new coronavirus variant has spread fast in London and south-East England, leading to tier 4 restrictions and changes in Christmas mixing rules for the rest of the UK.UK flight, ferry and train bans over Covid-19 new variant

Matt Hancock described it as “out of control,” though it is not thought to cause a more severe illness.

Foreign countries are concerned that the mutant coronavirus strain could spread on their territory. As a result, many European nations have called a halt to transport links with the UK.

They are imposing restrictions on travellers from the UK.

Over the next few days, the EU will work on procedures to allow travel to restart, with strict testing rules likely to be in place. – WTX News



France has suspended all traffic from the UK until 11.59 pm on Tuesday 22 December. One major issue is across the Channel to France. The ferry terminal at the Port of Dover is closed until further notice.UK flight, ferry and train bans over Covid-19 new variant

The last departure of Eurotunnel shuttles from Folkestone to Calais was at 9.34 pm.  Access to the terminal is now banned.


The Neverlands introduced a two-week flight ban in the early hours of Saturday, leading to dozens of Sunday flights being cancelled and many others grounded up to 1 January 2021. 


Belgium is introducing a demand for evidence of a negative Covid-19 test, taken no more than 48 hours prior to arrival, in order to enter the country. This will take effect on Christmas Day.


Austria announced, effective from 0.01 am on Tuesday 22 December, a ban will be imposed on flights from the UK.


Italy has declared a flight ban until 6 January 2021, and anyone already in Italy who has been in the UK since 6 December must report to their local health authorities and take a Covid-19 test. All arrivals to Italy between now and 6 January 2021– from anywhere – must self-isolate for 14 days.


Switzerland announced a flight ban late on Sunday night. It is not clear when it will begin. The Foreign Office says that anyone arriving afternoon local time (11 am GMT) on Monday from the UK, regardless of nationality, will be required to self-isolate for 10 days.

UK flight, ferry and train bans over Covid-19 new variant


Ireland has banned passengers arriving on flights and ferries from Great Britain, imposed at 0.01 am on Monday 21 December. The ban is initially for 48 hours but may be extended. Ferries will continue to sail but will carry only freight. It is in place for Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 December and the measures will be reviewed by the Irish cabinet on Tuesday.


Portugal says only its citizens returning home, and foreigners who are resident there, will be allowed to fly in from the UK – and they must take a Covid-19 test.


Germany has banned all flights up to 11 pm on 31 December, coincidentally the time the Brexit transition phase ends.

Central and Eastern European countries are taking action.


Greece is still allowing arrivals from the UK, but they must quarantine for a week rather than the three days required for other travellers.

Czech Republic 

The Czech government initially introduced mandatory quarantine for those who have travelled from the UK or spent more than 24 hours in the UK during the past 14 days. It has now introduced a flight ban from Monday 21 December.

UK flight, ferry and train bans over Covid-19 new variant


Romania has banned all flights from the UK for two weeks.


Bulgaria is reported to have imposed a ban on links from the UK until 31 January 2021, but this is subject to change.

Kuwait was the first non-European nation to ban any travellers who have been in the UK during the preceding two weeks. 


Read the UK government’s official travel advice here.



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