Poland covid cases surpass 100,000 COVID deaths

Poland covid cases – Poland becomes the latest EU country to surpass 100,000 Covid deaths, a number that was surpassed as the country is bracing for a renewed surge of infections fuelled by the Omicron variant.

Nearly a quarter of those deaths — some 24,000 — occurred in the most recent wave of infection that began in October, a period in which vaccines have been widely available in the central European nation of 38 million people.

Niedzielski said over 18,000 COVID-19 patients are hospitalised, making this “the most difficult situation compared to other waves.”

Poland has struggled through the pandemic with a health care sector strapped by limited funding and the emigration of many medical professionals to western Europe in the past two decades.

Poland covid cases surpass 100,000 covid deaths

Health minister Adam Niedzielski said Tuesday that 493 more people with COVID-19 had died, pushing the overall pandemic death toll to 100,254.

The bleak marker comes as daily new infections have fallen following a peak in what officials call the country’s “fourth wave” of COVID-19 driven by the Delta variant. But with the Omicron variant spreading, another large infection wave is looming.

The first two deaths from Omicron were reported on Monday, both in elderly and unvaccinated people.

In Warsaw, some residents told WTX News on Twitter they would be happy to follow new, stricter rules and expressed concern that Poles elsewhere were less willing to do so.


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