Palestinian teen shot by Israel army dies

Palestinian teen shot by Israel army dies

Palestinian teen shot by Israel army dies

A Palestinian teen, Ahmed Zahi Dawoud died on Thursday from gunshot wounds, by the Israeli army.

The 16-year-old was shot in the head on Wednesday when the Israeli army opened fire during clashes in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian health ministry said.
Dawoud was in the village of Beita, near Nablus when he was shot and was taken to Nablus hospital where he later died.
The area has seen regular protests against illegal Israeli settlement expansion on Palestinian land.
On Wednesday, the Israeli army said a soldier had opened fire after he “spotted dozens of Palestinians” approaching troops as they “were securing the area of Givat Eviatar”, south of Nablus.
“One of the Palestinians ran towards the soldier and hurled a suspicious object at him, which exploded adjacent to the soldier,” the army said in a statement, adding there were no soldiers injured.
“In response, the soldier operated to stop the suspect by firing into the air, and then by firing towards him. A hit was identified.”
Hundreds of mourners gathered in the village on Thursday for the teens funeral, an AFP journalist reported.

Women shot dead

Wafa identified the Palestinian woman who was also shot dead by Israeli troops on Wednesday as Mai Afana, 29. The army said she attempted to ram Israeli soldiers with her car and attacked them with a knife.
On Wednesday, Hamas launched Incendiary balloons from Gaza, hours after Israel retaliated for earlier launches.
It’s the first reported violence between Israel and Hamas since the ceasefire on May 21 – which ended 11 days of heavy fighting and bloodshed.


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