Italy introduces mandatory vaccinations as Omicron infections hit new records

Italy introduces mandatory vaccinations as Omicron infections hit new records

Italy will impose mandatory vaccinations for Covid on everyone over 50 years of age, the Italian government has announced on Wednesday.

Health minister Roberto Speranza told reporters that anyone 50 or older will be checked to see if they have a “super green pass” before they enter their workplaces.

That certification is reserved for those who are fully vaccinated or who have recently recovered from COVID-19.

Italian covid cases on the rise

It came as Italian covid cases are on the rise, the country registered a record 189,000 new infections over the previous 24 hours.

The super green pass is needed in Italy to work Italy makes covid vaccinations mandatory for over 50's
The fight against anti-vaxxers in Europe – The super green pass is a must in Italy

A requirement that anyone working or obtaining services in beauty parlours and similar establishments must have a negative virus test if they aren’t vaccinated or haven’t recently recovered from COVID-19.

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Mandatory vaccinations – The fight against anti-vaxxers in Europe

Public administration minister Renato Brunetta said the move puts Italy in the vanguard of European countries cracking down on those refusing to be vaccinated and who now account for the majority of patients in the country’s rapidly filling ICU beds.

The measure also applies to all university staff regardless of age — bringing higher education in line with other schools and with health care workers, members of the military and police forces.

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“The text aims to slow down the growth curve of infections related to the pandemic and to provide greater protection to those categories that are most exposed and who are at greater risk of hospitalisation,” the government said in a statement.

Italy has 59 million inhabitants, with almost 50%  (28 million) of whom are over 50, according to the National Statistics Institute (Istat).


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