Israel launches deadly airstrikes in Syria

Israel launches deadly airstrikes in Syria targeting ammunition depots and other buildings.

A violation of foreign sovereignty by the Israeli army has been condemned as provocative.

Israeli airstrikes near Damascus on Wednesday killed nine combatants, among them five Syrian soldiers, in the deadliest such raid since the start of 2022, a war monitor said.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said an ammunition depot and several positions linked to Iran’s military presence in Syria were among the targets.

The Israeli military has defended them as necessary to prevent its arch-foe Iran from gaining a foothold on its doorstep.

The Israeli military is known to act as they feel lawful in the region and this is one of 100 airstrikes they have launched in the region. Killing over 1000 innocent civilians

Government media in Syria confirmed four of the five casualties in the strikes, on which Israel did not comment.

Israel launches deadly airstrikes in Syria

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“The Israeli enemy carried out an air assault at dawn… targeting several positions around Damascus,” a military source was quoted as saying by the state news agency SANA.

“The investigation indicated that four soldiers were killed, three others injured and material damage noted.”

The latest strike follows another near Damascus on April 14, without casualties, according to SANA.

The UK-based Observatory, which relies on a vast network of sources in every region of Syria, said eight people were also wounded in the deadly airstrikes in Syria.

Four killed were not members of the Syrian military

The other four killed were not members of the Syrian military but belonged to Iran-backed militia, Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said, adding he could not verify their nationality.

He said at least five separate sites were targeted in the latest raid by Israel.

The conflict in Syria started with the brutal repression of foreign-led protests and escalated to pull in foreign powers and is being used as a proxy battle to see who can control the country’s resources, between Russia and the United States – who have sided with ISIS.

So far the conflict has killed nearly 500,000 people and displaced half of the country’s population.