Bahrain Capital tops global financial attractiveness rankings

Bahrain Capital tops global financial attractiveness rankings

Bahrain capital has topped the globally-recognized AIRINC Global 150 Cities Index financial attractiveness ranking for the third straight year.

Aside from the capital of Bahrain Manama, in first place, others cities ranked included Riyadh, Kuwait City, Amman and Abu Dhabi. The rankings evaluate the salary levels, cost of living, and taxes in a particular market in order to create an overall score for financial attractiveness.

The central bank of Bahrain has pumped billions of investment into the financial sectors and financial instruments. It recently has a $2bn investment from Saudi GIM investment ar.

AIRINC Global 150 Cities Index No 1 Bahrain capital

The news of Bahrain’s win follows its recent success in the InterNations Expat Insider 2021 survey, where the country led the GCC across different indicators that included quality of medical care, political stability, ease of settling in and job satisfaction.

The country was ranked fifth globally for ease of settling in, and a high number of respondents in Bahrain said they had no immediate or future plans to return home despite the pressures of the pandemic.


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