Travel Industry Bosses are Angered at theSuddenChange of Restrictions for France

Travel Industry Bosses are Angered at theSuddenChange of Restrictions for France

Willy Walsh, International Air Transport Association boss, said the UK government is showing “weak leadership” and there was “no coherent policy on international travel”

Travel sector managers are enraged by a sudden change in isolation rules for travelers returning from France, which has thrown thousands of vacations into risk.
The government had stated that anyone coming from an amber-listed European country with two jabs will not be need to isolate as of July 19.

However, due to concerns about the spread of the Covid Beta variant, the government has decided to isolate anyone traveling from France to the Uk.
Many in the tourism industry are frustrated by the news, claiming that the government lacks a clear strategy.
Willy Walsh, director general of the International Air Transport Association, tweeted: “The UK has no coherent policy on international travel.
“The government is flip-flopping and making life difficult for people who desperately want to see their friends and family.”
“They promised freedom on the back of a successful vaccine programme and now pull the rug out from people at the 11th hour. Weak political leadership leads to weak policy. The UK is entrenching itself as outlier in its confused approach to travel.

“This, in turn, is destroying its own travel sector and the thousands of jobs that rely on it.”


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