SUV driver jailed in Stockport who killed woman while distracted by his phone

A Mercedes SUV driver jailed in Stockport, Greater Manchester, for 5 years after killing a woman while using his phone whilst driving.

Mohammed Javadpour, 53, has been jailed for five years following Elaine Goodwin’s death. After failing to cover his tracks by trying to remove his phone from the scene of the accident.

Javedpour who killed a woman after ploughing head on into her car while using his phone whilst driving then tried to blame his victim. Which ultimately killed a 56-year-old nail beautician Elaine Goodwin.

SUV driver jailed in Stockport

Minshull Street Crown Court heard Javadpour was on his way home to Woodford after driving to a chemist and picking up a takeaway pizza on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. He moved onto Bramhall Lane South, in Greater Manchester and passed a blind bend to the left, at about 8.30 pm.

Using his phone whilst driving

Instead of steering to the left, Javadpour continued into the middle of the carriageway and onto the wrong side of the road, colliding head-on with Ms Goodwin’s car. “Instead of concentrating on the road in front of you, you decided to concentrate on your mobile phone,” Judge John Potter told him.

“This decision by you, reckless, crass and dangerous as it was, was to have fatal consequences.” Moments after impact, Javadpour arranged for someone to attend the scene and remove the phone he had made a call on prior to the crash.

Minshull Street Crown Court serves justice

After the crash Javadpour ‘quite shockingly’ tried to blame Ms Goodwin for causing the collision, saying she had driven on the wrong side of the road and he’d swerved to avoid her. The lie was blown out of the water by an expert reconstruction.

“You knew what you had done, you considered the consequences of what had occurred,” Judge Potter told him. “You thought you would try to rid yourself of the mobile phone for fear that its contents would reveal its use by you moments before the fatal collision.”

Elaine Goodwin died 12 days later

Elaine Goodwin died 12 days later after suffering terrible injuries. Her parents were on holiday in Tenerife at the time and faced an agonising wait to get home to be by her side in the hospital, after initially having difficulty arranging a flight home.

Her sister Karen said the true horror of what her sibling had suffered hit home when she saw her connected to so many wires and tubes in the hospital. Her cat Mij was so traumatised that it had to be put down.


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