Climate change protesters face jail after injunction granted

Climate change protesters face jail after injunction granted

Eco mob face jail after injunction granted

The eco mob that keep disrupting traffic on the M25 could face jail for similar events after a court injunction was granted to the National Highways. 

The court injunction would give police more powers to deal with protesters blocking parts of the M25. 

Over the last week, climate group Insulate Britain has blocked parts of the M25 five times. 

Grant Shapps tweeted: “Activists will face contempt of court with possible imprisonment if they flout.” 

A large number of Insulate Britain campaigners have already been arrested for the recent protesters. The group have also targeted other motorways and say they plan to continue protesting until the government took action on home insulation. 

Priti Patel said the “important junction” would mean “people can get moving again”. 

“We will not tolerate lives being put at risk,” she said.

“Those who continue to do so risk imprisonment.”

Insulate Britain responded to Grant Shapps’ tweet saying the government “is reckless and is putting lives at risk with its inaction on #insulation.” 

Mr Shapps told MPs he believed the injunction would bring an end to the demonstrations.

“It barely goes without saying, it’s irresponsible, dangerous and completely counterproductive,” he said. “It’s unacceptable and I hope the injunction will bring it to a close.

“Earlier in the process, there was a somewhat different approach being taken.

“Yesterday the police were on the scene much more quickly. The injunction will greatly strengthen their hand.”

He added the government would be reviewing the powers as “it’s unacceptable for people to be able to walk on to not just a major highway but a motorway, stop traffic, be released the next day and do the same thing again.

“An injunction may just be an interim way of doing that.”

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