M25 protest: 36 arrested after climate protesters block M25 AGAIN

M25 protest: 36 arrested after climate protesters block M25 AGAIN

M25 protest: 36 arrested after climate protesters block M25 AGAIN

The climate protesters who have blocked parts of the M25 for the second time in three days are being slammed for causing huge queues of traffic and major disruption. 

Thirty -six of the protestors have been arrested. 

The protesters are from Insulate Britain and managed to bring traffic to a stop at several sections of Britain’s busiest motorway on Wednesday morning. 

They targeted Junction 23 for South Mimms in Hertfordshire, as well as the main carriageway from Junction 8 at Reigate to Junction 9 at Leatherhead in Surrey.

Surrey Police said it had arrested 25 people after attending Junctions 8 and 10 of the M25. 

The police said it was also dealing with a traffic collision at Junction 9 of the M25 involving four vehicles. 

“We have been working with partner forces including Metropolitan Police and Hertfordshire Police to deal with widespread protesters on the M25. All protesters have now been cleared from both Junction 8 and 10,” the force said.

“A total of 25 arrests have been made.”

It advised motorists to avoid the area if possible.

The Met Police said officers have been sent to different locations and to support colleagues from other forces and have made a further 11 arrests. 

The group want the government to take action on home insulation. 

Local news media reported that Princes Road in Dartford, Kent, is partially blocked with queuing traffic due to one of the protests at Junction 1B of the motorway. 

On Monday the group had blocked off five junctions of the M25 with another demonstration, resulting in tens of thousands of drivers being stuck in traffic and some 78 people arrested. 

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