Answering the UK’s most googled questions

Answering the UK’s most googled questions

Answering the UK’s most googled questions

2021 was another odd year and the UK’s google search reflected it, from Euro losses to understanding the word impeachment – we answer the UK’s most googled questions of 2021. 

Google released their annual “year in search” in December and since we’ve already covered the basics of the lists provided from google – we’ve decided to answer the top 10 most Googled questions in the UK. 

10) When does ‘Love Island’ finish?

At number 10 is “when does Love Island finish?”. The series finished on the 23rd of August 2021 and there was no winter Love Island this year due to rapid spread of various Covid variants. 

It is believed Love Island season 8 will kick off in June 2022. 

9) What does ‘impeachment’ mean?

With the former US president Donald Trump being impeached for a second time in 2021 it’s no wonder the British public were googling ‘what does impeachment mean?’ 

Impeachment is the process of removing a high-ranking government official from office for a number of offences (in the US senators have to vote, like a jury). 

8) How many cases in my area?

With variants popping up all over the world and cases skyrocketing since the emergence of Omicron, it’s no wonder the public are concerned about how many cases are in their local area. 

You can use this interactive map to see how many Covid cases are in your local area. 

Whilst the UK hasn’t been given any additional restrictions, it’s more vital to use your own common sense during these times instead of relying on Boris Johnson and the government. Mask up, wash hands and get jabbed – like science says. 

7) How many times has Italy won the Euros?

Here it is. The summer heartbreak. England made history as the team made it to their first final of a major tournament in 55 years and though we lost out on penalties to Italy – the Three Lions bought football home. 

During the Euro’s heartbreak, Brits turned to Google to find out how many time Italy had won the competition. 

The answer is twice. Whilst England have never won the Euros. 

6) Where does vanilla flavouring come from?

Artificial vanilla flavouring does not come from vanilla pods, as you may have initially thought while you were among the millions who Googled this in the middle of making lockdown banana bread. It comes from beaver butts.

Beaver’s secrete a goo-like substance from their butts called castoreum and use it to mark their territory. 

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, beaver butt juice is “generally regarded as safe” and manufacturers have been using it extensively in perfumes and foods for at least 80 years.

5) When will I get the vaccine?

You can book it right now via the NHS website.

4) What does COP26 stand for?

COP26 happened this year, promises were made, and it received international coverage. What does COP26 stand for? It means “Conference of the Parties” and it’s the 26th time the parties got together for the environmental conference. 

3) When will lockdown end?

One of the biggest questions of the year ‘When will lockdown end?’ But from lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 and non-lockdowns, it’s all sort of merged into one long 2-year stretch of misery. 

So when did lockdown end? England’s third lockdown (the really long one) started January 6 and ended July 19 – ending a lockdown of more than six months. 

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also took similar measures at the same time, with a stay at home order issued widely across the UK as a whole.

2) Is WhatsApp down?

Right now, no. But WhatsApp and Instagram both went down at different points over 2021. 

1) Is Facebook down?

Perhaps a cautionary tale? Perhaps a bleak insight into life in 2021 – but the UK’s most googled question ‘is Facebook down’ is apparently what the UK cared most about in 2021. 

At the time of writing this Facebook is doing just fine, but back in October it went down for six hours – along with WhatsApp, Instagram and its other subsidiaries. 

Facebook is now called Meta. 

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