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The National – UK government to be probed by regulator 

The National says An adviser to the Conservative Party has issued a stark warning, stating that the UK Government is veering into territory where it bans individuals based on disagreeing political views. This caution comes amid concerns about the government’s handling of protests and the implications for free speech and political expression.

The UK Government is set to be investigated by a regulator over its treatment of disabled benefits claimants. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is suspected of potentially violating equality laws in its handling of these cases, prompting a formal probe into the matter.

Ndaye Lisa Badji-Churchill has highlighted the dangers of performative activism, urging for genuine commitment to social causes rather than superficial gestures. Her comments call attention to the need for meaningful actions in advocacy.

In other news, a growing number of people are identifying as “Scottish, not British,” reflecting a shift in national identity sentiments within Scotland. This trend underscores the evolving perspectives on national identity in the region.

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Glasgow shoppers hit the sales in the city centre

Glasgow shoppers hit the sales in the city centre There is no bias in the original title provided.Shoppers braved the elements today in Glasgow to grab some bargains.

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