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Israel-Gaza Attacks features the latest news from the Sige of Gaza Follow live updates on the latest Palestine News page

On October the 7th 2023, Israel launched a siege on Gaza killing thousands of innocent civilians in what the WHO and UN have called apartheid and genocide.

Israel-Gaza Attacks

Using Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7th, 2023, Benjamin Netanyahu, the convicted leader of Israel, launched a full-scale invasion of Gaza and the West Bank.

Although the news is dominated by the PR and lies propagated by Israel, the IDF is committing Genocide in Gaza, which is run by Hamas, and in the West Bank which is run by the PLO.

This Genocide is the greatest in modern Middle Eastern history. It is using the vision of Hitler to persecute the Palestinians.

Nicaragua has asked the UN’s highest court to halt German weapons sales to Israel at the start of a landmark case. Germany faces accusations of breaching the UN genocide convention by sending military hardware to Israel and stopping funding of the UN’s aid agency.

Israel has approved opening two humanitarian aid routes into Gaza following a strike on a food charity – which killed 7 aid workers, including three British ex-servicemen. Since the attack on the World Central Kitchen (WCK) charities have been pausing aid going into the territory due to concerns over staff safety.

Many of Thursday’s front pages lead on the ongoing crisis in the Middle East amid calls for the UK to ban arms sales to Israel – following the death of aid workers, including three British ex-servicemen.

Several domestic stories make the front pages including the UK’s Rwanda scheme and the upcoming UK general election.

The latest from the Premier League makes the front pages, as Arsenal are back on top of the table and Liverpool and City in joint second (only one point behind the Gunners).