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Former President Donald Trump made a fiery statement on Monday as he arrived in court in Manhattan for the opening statements in his criminal trial. Trump accused President Biden of orchestrating the trial to hurt his chances in the upcoming election, calling it a “witch hunt” and “political persecution.”

The second day of former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial took an unexpected turn as one of the jurors selected and sworn in earlier this week was excused on Thursday morning. The juror, a woman who works as a nurse and resides on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, expressed concerns about her ability to be fair and impartial in the case.

The UK’s shortest-serving PM Liz Truss has endorsed Donald Trump to win this year’s US election, saying the “world was safer” when he was in the White House. The former prime minister said the world was “on the cusp of very, very strong conflict” and needed “a strong America more than ever”.