Johnson ‘using Queen’ for pre-election Tory broadcast, says Corbyn

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LONDONER’S EYE by Percy Blakeney

Even George Orwell couldn’t have predicted this chaotic constitutional crisis afflicting the so-called Mother of Parliaments. Political events are not only changing rapidly, but they

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party is being put to the sword by the friends of Israel in the UK.

Why Jeremy Corbyn can’t become Prime Minister

The prime minister survived a vote of no confidence in her government by a margin of 19 votes, thanks to the backing of the 10 members of the DUP. Had they switched allegiance, the government would have lost by one vote.

those rubbing their hands with glee at his departure should calm down. Labour has been through much, much worse

To be perfectly Frank

Frank Field’s resignation is no big deal according to Yvonne Ridley who recalls a flurry of #Labour ministerial vacancies during #IraqWar.