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WTX News Diplomatic Editor Yvonne Ridley is a esteemed journalist with decades of experience and an author of thousands of articles. She is a WTX News champion and one of our premier journalists. Yvonne Ridley is working as our Political and News Journalist specialist; providing news and analysis on News as it breaks, as well as in depth analytical pieces that everyone should read. She also works on a special column called 'The Week So Far' (TWSF) by Yvonne Ridley, where she rounds up the news of the world in a short and concise summary as part of our news briefing section. As a print & broadcast journalist Yvonne has seen success in her work and world wide industry praise and recognition for her heroic efforts during the Afghan War. In her early days she worked as a senior reporter with several well-known British newspapers including The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Independent on Sunday and The Sunday Express. While working for the latter as Chief Reporter on an undercover assignment in Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 she herself became the subject of international headlines when she was held by the Taliban. She is part of the core team that runs WTX News and ensures our work is always based on serving the readers. We absolutely Love her work and hope you will too.

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