Thrilling Chelsea v Liverpool is a win for Manchester City’s Premier League title race

Thrilling Chelsea v Liverpool is a win for Manchester City’s Premier League title race

Thrilling Chelsea v Liverpool is a win for Manchester City’s Premier League title race 

Last night’s Chelsea v Liverpool match was a thrilling return to football at its finest, despite a flurry of goals in the first half, there were no winners at the end of the latest match in the Premier League title race. 

The first half saw Liverpool leading 2-0 but Chelsea pulled it back in just three short minutes before half-time in a Stamford Bridge classic. Despite the game ending in a draw – the result was a win for Manchester City and their stranglehold on the Premier League title race.

Is the Premier League title race over? 

Not exactly, there’s still a lot of points to play for and the Premier League is unpredictable. But looking at the table it is clear that both Chelsea and Liverpool – the only serious contenders for the Premier League title – have an increasingly steep hill to climb to get to the top spot. 

Chelsea are 10 points behind City – both have played 21 games, while Liverpool are 11 behind with a match in hand. For one of these teams to win they will need to see a dip in Manchester City’s form. 

Despite the table, the game last night offered up a superb 90 minutes of football from two teams of the highest quality. 


Chelsea played without striker Romelu Lukaku – who was excluded (not even on the bench) following comments he made in an interview that suggested he was unhappy with his current situation.

It was a strong move by Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, but many are left wondering if Lukaku could have made the vital contribution and stole the game to snatch up those vital extra two points. 

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane – who elbowed Cesar Azpilicueta in the face within the first few seconds – provided drama and controversy, as many feel he should’ve been sent off. 

Both Mane and Mo Salah put Liverpool ahead with two superb goals while the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp remained at home with suspected Covid. 

Mateo Kovacic and Christian Pulisic netted two goals for Chelsea just before half-time. 

Going forward, Liverpool must contend with losing Mane and Salah to the Africa Cup of Nations – while Chelsea will miss their goalkeeper Edouard Mendy. 

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Premier League tables 



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