Prime Minister’s Questions Live - 02/03/2022 - This week’s Prime Minister’s Questions - follow along live
Prime Ministers Questions - Live Today

March 2, 2022

11:56 am

Prime Ministers Questions 


End of PMQs 

Prime Minister’s Questions has ended. This week’s face-off was heavily dominated by the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.  

More calls for visa waiving

SNP Angela Crawley asks why the UK will not match the EU’s offer of visa-free entry for Ukrainians. 

PM repeats the EU has the visa-free Schengen zone. The UK is different, and so giving up checks would not be appropriate, he says.

Russian convoy heading to Kyiv

Tory Alec Shelbrooke asks the PM what can he do to protect the city Kyiv from the Russian convoy headline towards the city.

PM says he spoke to the Ukrainian President this morning and says the people might think it’s easy to attack this convoy but “unfortunately it turns out, military, it is not as easy as you might think”, he says.

UK not guaranteeing territorial integrity 

Labour’s Chris Bryant says the UK signed an agreement guaranteeing the territorial integrity of Ukraine – but are not doing this. He names Russians who he believes should be sanctioned. He asks why the government is not using parliamentary privilege to identify these people (giving ministers protection from libel action).

PM says he does not want a direct military confrontation with Russia – he says it plays into Putin’s narrative about Nato being an aggressor. PM says UK is already imposing sanctions and is willing to go further. 

PMQs – 02/03/2022 – Watch LIVE – ON YOUTUBE 

Prime Minister’s Questions 02/03/2022 – Follow LIVE updates – UK Politics

Ireland has waived visa requirements 

Liz Saville Roberts, the Plaid Cymru leader at Westminster, says Ireland has waived visa requirements for Ukrainians for three years. Why won’t the UK do the same?

Johnson claims the arrangements in place are “very generous”.

Will the govt waive visa requirements? – Blackford 

Ian Blackford says Putin is a war criminal and the full range of war crimes offences should be used – but the UK has always refused to back prosecutions for the crime of aggression in the past. Will it change, asked the SNP leader. 

PM says what we have already seen, such as use of munitions against civilians, justifies a war crime prosecution. 

Blackford says Europe must stand united, and asks will the govt waive all visa requirements? 

PM says the situation is different in the EU because Ukrainians can enter freely under the Schengen agreement, But the UK will not abandon all checks. 

Putin must fail in his venture – PM 

Starmer hopes the government can work together and pass amendments to the bill on Monday – says its time to sanction all oligarchs. 

PM says we should not forget where the blame lies for the crisis – with President Putin. He says the President must fail in his venture. 

PMQs – 02/03/2022 – Watch LIVE – ON YOUTUBE 

Prime Minister’s Questions 02/03/2022 – Follow LIVE updates – UK Politics

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