Croatian MEP Attacks Macron over forced vaccine mandate to his face

Croatian MEP attacks Macron over forced vaccine mandate to his face at the European Parliament.

This is the first European MEP’s gathering since President Macron took over the EU presidency on the 1st of January 2022. He famously stated how he wanted to “piss the Anti-vaxxers off“.

The EU’s parliamentary chamber can be a cold place. Very few of its members gain fame — or even a glimpse of recognition. But this speech by the Croatian MEP has brought him to the lime light.

The Croatian member of the EU Parliament Mislav Kolakušić has accused the French president Macron of murdering citizens via his forced vaccine mandates and green pass requirements in France.

The green pass mandate was passed in France’s lower house last week and has created lots of opposition in France, with thousands of French teachers taking to the streets in protest.

Croatian MEP Attacks Macron


EU Parliament – ” Covid -19 is just a cold “

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić has sent a letter to his colleagues in the European parliament complaining about the closure of the EU House due to the new COVID-19 outbreak. For him, COVID-19 is just a cold while personally, he has never met a COVID-19 patient.

Twitter has been trending with thousands of people calling the MEP a hero for standing up against forced covid vaccines. A program started with the French Covid passport.

French lawmakers approve new ‘vaccine pass’ after fierce debate

The Croatian former judge Mislav Kolakušić is a self-described “non-affiliated activist for the rule of law and fighter against corruption.” As an independent MEP, he lacks the infrastructure of political groups in the chamber.

The European Parliament is the EU’s only directly-elected institution. Its 705 members are there to represent you. Mislav Kolakušić states he is representing the sentiments of the Croatian people by addressing the issue at the chamber.

The European Parliament has powers over important decisions such as how public money is spent through the European Union’s common budget and how the European Single Market is regulated.