The Times - Zero deaths ignite fresh hope for 21 June easing

The Times - Zero deaths ignite fresh hope for 21 June easing

The Times leads with fresh hope for the 21 June lockdown lifting as the UK recorded no new Covid deaths in the most recent 24-hour period. Sharing the front page are accusations the PM let down England’s children with ‘cheap’ school boost. The papers front splash features an image of a young Sir Keir Starmer as he makes a TV appearance. 

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Zero Covid: Fresh hope for June 21 as deaths fall to zero 

The Times splashes on the UK recording no new Covid-19 deaths in the most recent 24 hour period, the paper says it raises hope the government can stick to the 21 June timetable to easing lockdown restrictions fully. 

Boris Johnson accused of failing pupils with ‘cheap’ schools boost

The Times says prime minister Boris Johnson is being accused of letting down England’s children by only endorsing a small fraction of the £15 billion post-pandemic recovery plan to rescue them from months of school closures and disruptions. 

Summer 2021: Be green and let your lawns go brown 

An article on the front page says the Royal Horticultural Society says letting your lawn go yellow or brown is a sign you’re doing you’re but for the environment. They are asking people not to sprinkle their gardens this summer to prevent a water shortage and protect wildlife in rivers that are drying up. 

Sir Kier Starmer life stories 

The Times main picture is of a young Sir Kier Starmer during his University years. The labour leader refused to deny he took drugs during the TV appearance. 

Headlines from the Times Online 

Jasmine Hartin: Ashcroft son’s partner taken to Belize jail plagued by scorpions

The Times says the partner of Lord Ashcroft’s son was taken from a police cell to be transferred to one of the worst jails in the world yesterday.

Jasmine Hartin has been charged with manslaughter by negligence after a policeman friend was shot dead while she admired the moon with him on a waterfront pier in San Pedro, Belize.

Priti Patel to make foreign health workers pay full price for visa

The Times says Priti Patel is considering withdrawing the UK from part of the European Social Charter that gives citizens of 26 countries a £55 discount on application fees for most worker visas.

Stonewall fails to stop lesbian suing in trans row

The Times says Stonewall, the gay rights charity, has failed to stop a lesbian lawyer from suing it over allegations that it tried to silence her opposition to its policy on transgender rights.

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