The Times -  School day extended by 30mins to help kids catch up 

The Times -  School day extended by 30mins to help kids catch up 

The Times leads with the school day is to be extended by 30 mins to help children catch up. Online, the paper leads with the UK heatwave which is set to continue this week. 

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School day extended in bid to help children catchup

The Times reports that the school day will be extended by half an hour under a £15bn COVID rescue plan to help Britain’s children to catch up after months of disrupted education. 

Delay the unlocking say scientists as they warn of third wave

The paper’s front page also covers the warning from scientists who are saying delay the June 21 lifting of lockdown restrictions as some scientist say Britain is at the start of a third wave. 

Walking on water

The front page splash features a picture of bank holiday crowds enjoying the sun and the water yesterday as Britain recorded its hottest day of the year so far. The record temperatures are set to continue this week.

Headlines from the Times Online

 ‘Officer was shot by partner of Lord Ashcroft’s son as she handed him gun’

The Times says the partner of Lord Ashcroft’s son was giving a shoulder massage to a policeman friend when he was accidentally and fatally shot in the back of the head, she is understood to have told police.

Daughter’s tribute to flower seller stabbed as he walked to see friend

The Times says the daughter of a London flower seller stabbed to death near his stand paid tribute to him last night as “my twin and my best friend” at a vigil in his memory.

Hundreds of Britons killed each year by heatwave rise

The Times says heatwaves caused by man-made climate change are killing more than 200 people a year in the UK and thousands around the world, a study has found.

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