The Sunday Times - Wuhan Covid-19 leak ‘feasible’ says British spies 

The Sunday Times - Wuhan Covid-19 leak ‘feasible’ says British spies 

The Sunday Times leads with the origins of the pandemic saying British spies now believe a Wuhan leak lab is “feasible”.

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Wuhan lab leak ‘feasible’ says British spies 

The Sunday Times leads with the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic saying British spies now believe it is “feasible” the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, rather than being transmitted to humans from a natural source. 

Previously, the paper says  Western intelligence agencies judged the possibility of a lab leak as “remote”, while China has angrily rejected the theory.

Blue Heaven: Bold Chelsea outsmart Manchester City in Champions League Final win 

The Sunday Times’ front splash features news Chelsea won the Champions League final on Saturday saying Chelsea “stole up and tore that favourites tag from the opposition throats, outmanoeuvring and outworking City to conquer Europe.”

Boris Johnson is first serving PM to wed in 199 years

Like many front pages, the Times also reports on Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds secret wedding. The paper notes Boris is the first serving PM to marry in 199 years. 

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Wuhan: the questions China won’t answer about how Covid-19 pandemic started

The Times Online says Beijing has always rejected a link between the pandemic and its virus lab in the city. Now pressure is intensifying on the regime to come clean. 

Email reveals care home warning to Matt Hancock

The paper says a leaked message sent to the health secretary in March last year shows he was alerted about the risk of spreading Covid. 

Matt Hancock was warned about the dangers of discharging hospital patients into care homes without testing them for Covid but failed to act, it has emerged.

Belize murder police treating Lord Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law as ‘killer’

The Times Online writes the wife of the Tory peer’s son is in custody in Belize after a policeman with whom she was drinking was shot in the head.

It was immortalised as a tropical paradise by Madonna in the hit song La Isla Bonita, but this weekend an island off the coast of Belize was struggling to come to terms with a more grisly reality.

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