The Times  - Dominic Cummings rains fire on No 10

The Times  - Dominic Cummings rains fire on No 10

The Times leads with Dominic Cummings and the ‘fire’ he unleashed on No 10. The paper speaks to an unnamed cabinet minister who said Cummings was just after “revenge.” 

Online, the paper covers the Friends reunion, giving it a less-than-favourable review. 

Also on the Times Online, the heavy coverage of Dominic Cummings accusations continues as ministers come to PM Boris Johnson’s defence and questions rise around Dominic Cummings claims that the PM’s fiancee Carrie Symonds tried to illegally employ friends in key influential government roles. 

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Dominic Cummings accusations rain fire on No 10

The Times spoke to an unnamed cabinet minister who said Dominic Cummings was after “vengeance” when he gave evidence yesterday. The committee meeting saw Cummings claim PM Boris Johnson was “unfit for the job” and he said Matt Hancock should have been fired for lying – Hancock has denied.

The paper says Cummings’ comments amounted to a “character assassination” with parliamentary sketch writer Quentin Letts calling the select committee hearing “longer and bloodier than Hamlet.”


Friends: the Reunion review — Tears flow in a schmaltzy gathering of old Friends

Online, the Times gives its verdict on the highly-anticipated Friends reunion, 17 years after the much-loved US sitcom said goodbye. 

The Times review is less than favourable, giving the show 2 stars out of five, asking “ Could this have BEEN any more schmaltzy?”. 

Next seven days crucial as rising UK cases test success of Covid vaccine

The Times says the next seven days will be “crucial” in assessing the impact of rising covid case numbers on hospitals. NHS leaders have said the daily tally passed 3,000 for the first time in a month. 

The article says officials are hoping the vaccination programme will break the link between the increasing number of cases and rises in hospitalisations and deaths. 

Dominic Cummings is wrong about Boris Johnson, ministers say

The Times says ministers are coming to the defence of PM  Boris Johnson following Cummmings’ claims he was unfit to be prime minister and was responsible for tens of thousands of needless Covid deaths. 

Robert Jenrick told Times Radio that the PM acted in the “best interest of the country” at all times during the pandemic. 

Carrie Symonds ‘tried to install friends in key roles’, Dominic Cummings claims

One of the claims from Cummings was that the PM’s fiancee Carrie Symonds tried to get her friends in key jobs around the prime minister. 

He accused Symonds of attempting to make an “illegal” intervention in No 10’s hiring process and said Symond’s interference played a part in his resignation last autumn. 


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