The Times - Vaccines available for everyone aged 30 and over 

 The Times - Vaccines available for everyone aged 30 and over 

The Times’s front page is full of positivity. The paper reports that vaccines are now available for everyone aged 30. The paper features a picture of the prime minister out jogging with his dog. 

Other front-page news includes UCAS plans to drive more teenagers towards apprenticeships and the government considering tougher sentences for dognappers. 

Online, the Times is heavily covering the Dominic Cummings committee meeting, as the PM’s former chief spills the shocking government secrets during the pandemic. Cummings said the prime minister dismissed Covid-19 as a ‘scare story’.

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Vaccines hit new high as all over-30s offered jabs 

The Times says all those aged over 30 eligible in England from today. The paper says the jab news is “adding optimism that restrictions can end as planned” from 21 June. 

The paper adds that the coming weeks “will bring record-breaking numbers” when it comes to vaccinations

UCAS plans to drive more teenagers towards apprenticeships

The front page reports sixth formers will find it easier to apply for apprenticeships after UCAS promises to tackle the “outdated stigma” about vocational qualifications. 

Johnson takes lead on stiffer sentence for dognappers

Next to the story is a picture of the PM jogging with his dog, as the story reads the PM is to crack down on dog thieves and people who abandon their pets under plans being considered by the PM. 

Headlines from the Times Online

Dominic Cummings claims Boris Johnson dismissed Covid-19 as ‘scare story’

The Times says Dominic Cummings said Boris Johnson dismissed Covid-19 as a “scare story” that was no more serious than swine flu. He also claimed the prime minister went on a two-week holiday as the virus was spreading.

Allerton Grange School head’s ‘call to arms’ apology accepted

The paper says the protester outside the school where the head-teacher described the Palestinian flag as a “call to arms” has accepted his apology and said she wanted to show “solidarity” with his pupils. 



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