PMQs – PMQs Ends, dirty Russian money in UK 

PMQs – PMQs Ends, dirty Russian money in UK 

PMQs Ends

And that’s it. PMQs has ended for the week -the general tone of this week’s PMQs was more agreement with both sides rather than anything else. The big takeaway is the news that Ofcom is looking into banning Russia Today channel. 

Labour asked for tougher sanctions, the PM says a full package of sanctions are ready if there is an invasion. The government keeps pushing the line that the current sanctions the govt have put out are tough sanctions. 


SNP says UK failed to tackle Russia corruption 

Leader of SNP accused UK govt of not doing enough to tackle dirty Russian money coming into UK. He said under Tory governments “a sewer of dirty Russian money flowing into the country”. He went on to accuse the Tories of raining £2.3 million from “Russian oligarchs” and asked the PM if the money will be returned. 

The PM said the Tories “do not raise money from Russian oligarchs.” 



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