PMQs Live – Will the UK govt waive visa requirements? 

PMQs Live - Will the UK govt waive visa requirements?

Ireland has waived visa requirements 

Liz Saville Roberts, the Plaid Cymru leader at Westminster, says Ireland has waived visa requirements for Ukrainians for three years. Why won’t the UK do the same?

Johnson claims the arrangements in place are “very generous”.

Will the govt waive visa requirements? – Blackford 

Ian Blackford says Putin is a war criminal and the full range of war crimes offences should be used – but the UK has always refused to back prosecutions for the crime of aggression in the past. Will it change, asked the SNP leader. 

PM says what we have already seen, such as use of munitions against civilians, justifies a war crime prosecution. 

Blackford says Europe must stand united, and asks will the govt waive all visa requirements? 

PM says the situation is different in the EU because Ukrainians can enter freely under the Schengen agreement, But the UK will not abandon all checks. 

Putin must fail in his venture – PM 

Starmer hopes the government can work together and pass amendments to the bill on Monday – says its time to sanction all oligarchs. 

PM says we should not forget where the blame lies for the crisis – with President Putin. He says the President must fail in his venture. 

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