PMQs - 27/04/2022 - PM to face Starmer as partygate rumbles on
What time is PMQs today? Boris Johnson to face Keir as Partygate rumbles on

April 27, 2022

11:29 am

Prime Ministers Questions 


PMQs Live – 287 MPs have been sanctioned by Russia – “badge of honour” says PM 

That’s the end of this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions – catch up on all the action via a live stream on this page or read through the text updates. The cost of living crisis dominated this week’s PMQs – surprisingly no comments about partygate and no in-depth conversation regarding the Angela Rayner story. 


Lib Dem’s Daisy Cooper asks if PM will apologise to the families of people who died in care homes and the care worker staff in light of today’s court ruling. 

PM says he renews his apologies and sympathies to those who lost loved ones in care homes in the pandemic. 

He goes on to add that the govt did not know much about Covid at that point and did not know how easy it was able to spread asymptomatically. 

He said the govt will study today’s court judgement carefully. 


Tory Ben Everitt says 287 MPs have been sanctioned by Russia and asks if the govt will maintain its support for Ukraine.

PM says yes and those sanctioned should see it as “a badge of honour.” 


Labour’s Jeff Smith asks if PM will apologise for how the Tories refused to take seriously a complaint from one of the victims of the Imran Ahmad Khan – the MP found guilty of assault and for having him on a panel advising the govt on grooming. 

PM says Home Offie has already put out a statement about this.

PMQs Live – ‘Vote Labour next week’ – Starmer 


Jim Shannon (DUP) says the Northern Ireland protocol is affecting the availability of Covid tests in Northern Ireland.

Johnson says there is an economic cost to the protocol, which is turning into a political problem. He says the government must rectify that before it undermines the Good Friday agreement.


Caroline Lucas (Green) says 56 MPs are being investigated for sexual misconduct, including three ministers. Is sexual misconduct grounds for removal under the ministerial code?

PM Johnson says of course sexual harassment is grounds for dismissal.


Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP leader, says the cost of moving goods from Britain to Northern Ireland has gone up by 27% under the Northern Ireland protocol. Will it be removed?

PM says the government wants to support the Good Friday agreement.


SNP Ian Blackford – ‘Kids depending on food parcels’ 

Blackford asks about the number of kids depending on food parcels. He says the PM should match the child payment administered by the Scottish government. 

PM says the govt is taking steps to help families. 

Blackford says other measures that might help with the cost of living would include abandoning the national insurance hike and increasing benefits. 

PM says the universal credit taper has been reduced, helping poorer families. And he would not bet on Blackford staying in his post longer than he stays in his. 


Cost of living crisis plan

Starmer says vote for Labour next week as a vote will make things better not worse for working people. 

PM says Starmer is “doomed to be a permanent spectator”. He says he has a plan for the NHS and social care, for immigration, for the economy.

He says Labour does not have plans for these things and criticises Labour councils that went bankrupt.

He claims the Labour party left the UK bankrupt in 2010. 


Starmer says PM’s cost of living crisis plan is cutting MOT tests. It makes the cones hotline [a much-mocked John Major initiative] sound visionary and inspirational,” he says.

PM repeats the govt is supporting people and says they will build a nuclear power plant every year. 


You’ll be able to watch all the action via a live stream on this page.

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