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Celebrity Beauty Brands: Celebrities are simply following the money.

Celebrity beauty brands are unbelievably popular right now and it seems every celebrity has a brand, or at least one on the way. We’re looking into why celeb beauty brands are popular, whether they can be trusted, what makes them likely to succeed and why celebrity skincare is replacing makeup lines as the most profitably beauty trend. 

Celebrity Beauty Brand celebrities rihanna fenty kylie cosmetics makeup fashion
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Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Millie Bobby Brown all have makeup lines. Here’s why.

Celebrity Beauty Brand celebrities rihanna fenty kylie cosmetics makeup fashion

The Rise Of The Celebrity Beauty Brand

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Millie Bobby Brown all have makeup lines. Here’s why.

VOX writes about the rise of celebrity beauty brands and using Millie Bobby Brown (who was 15 when she started her line Florence, by Mills) as the primary example, the article questions both the authenticity and the products that are being sold. 

Tons of celebrities are launching makeup and skincare brands and authenticity is a big part of the value proposition of celebrity beauty lines, the article writes. 

So what is making celebrity beauty brands so popular? VOX says its because people are looking to celebrities more than ever for foundation and lotions and because social media allows celebrities and fans to have fewer barriers the consumer is able to buy “into the look of the celebrities they most relate to.” 

The article discusses the changing power dynamic in the beauty industry and further discusses how brands are structured depending on the type of celebrity. Another point worth noting is that whilst the celebrity is unlikely to be in the lab cooking up a fragrance, they will have more creative control through owning their own brand and marketing through social media. 

There are no guarantee celebrity beauty brands will remain as popular as they are, the “downward trajectory of celebrity fragrances shows us what happens when shoppers get sick of a category.”

VOX says it will come down to whether or not customers buy the massage, both literally and figuratively. 

Rutledge, the media psychologist, thinks Millie Bobby Brown should have gone the traditional route and fronted a brand like Clinique for a while to establish her skincare credibility before launching her own line.

“This pretend face washing was a huge mistake. People put up with a lot with celebs that they love, but no one likes to be manipulated. That triggers an innate defensive action,” she says. So far Brown seems to have enough fan goodwill, though it is too early to tell how long the line, which is sold at Gen Z favourite Ulta, will last.

Read the full story, The rise of the celebrity beauty brand, on VOX

Celebrity Beauty Brand celebrities rihanna fenty kylie cosmetics makeup fashion

Today, the "founder" title is an achievement all its ow

Inside the Mysterious World of Celebrity Beauty Brands

Deep dive into the foggy universe of the celebrity beauty line – all that glitters isn’t sold.

Allure says the beauty industry has relied on celebrity endorsements more than other consumer goods. “This is a category celebrities are believed to be knowledgeable about,” says Patti Williams, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. These are people who spend a lot of time in makeup chairs. No small part of their job is to look impeccable.” 

As of 2021, it seems like every celebrity has a beauty line. Selena Gomez (Rare Beauty), Lady Gaga (Haus Laboratories), and Halsey (About-Face). Jada Pinkett Smith’s Hey Humans brand includes body wash and toothpaste. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, and Tracee Ellis Ross have hair-care lines. Cardi B has recently announced she’s planning to come out with one of her own. And Harry Styles is reportedly working on his own beauty line (Pleasing). 

“These stars are not just licensing their good names, some are putting their money where their lipsticks are and taking actual ownership stakes in full beauty lines, possibly to the tune of millions of dollars.”

Allure says they are “less brand ambassadors and more beauty executives” and cites Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gooplex as having “successfully leveraged perceived expertise into bankable, valuable companies.” 

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics came along and blew the market wide open, with Jenner using social media to rapidly sell Lip Kits. 

Today, the “founder” title is an achievement all its own.

For celebrities, it’s never been easier to become a “founder”. They can hire entities to handle formulation, design and the behind-the-scenes whilst allowing themselves to have creative control. 

The market, poor quality and bad management can sink a brand, its authenticity that will ultimately make or break a celebrity beauty brand. Allure says a celebrity brand that aligns itself alongside a sociopolitical cause has a better chance of succeeding. 

Though their reputations (and potential profits) are undeniably on the line, how involved a celebrity is in their business typically depends on how involved they want to be. 

Celebrities are capitalising on a moment and not all of them will endure a long run. Celebrity brands command a lot of attention and are scrutinised heavily from the public. 

A dense content market also means that an A-list actor might suddenly be competing with Instagram influencers and YouTube creators for consumer eyeballs. “Celebrity endorsement has lost some of its power to engage, in the context of this fast-paced, disposable content,” says Clare Hennigan, a senior beauty analyst at Mintel. 

Yet that’s certainly not discouraging celebrities from clamoring for a piece of the pie. Dessert is served. But for how long?

Read the full story, Inside the Mysterious World of Celebrity Beauty Brands, By Cheryl Wischhover, on Allure

Celebrity Beauty Brand celebrities rihanna fenty kylie cosmetics makeup fashion

It began with makeup – namely Kylie’s Lip Kits and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty – but celebrities are cashing in on our love of skincare, too

From Kylie Skin To Fenty: What You Need To Know About Celebrity Skincare

Refinery29 says fragrance was once the big business for celebrities who were looking “to diversify their income streams” in the early 00s. But by 2021, celeb-fronted perfume is on the decline, and now the focus is shifting towards other avenues of beauty. “It began with makeup  – namely Kylie’s Lip Kits and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty – but celebrities are cashing in on our love of skincare, too.”

The article says there is a clear split in celebrity skincare ranges – they will be either luxury or aimed at Gen Z. And the reason skincare is suddenly the new big celebrity trend is because it reflects what the consumer is buying and interested in.  

Beauty predictions for 2021 are all about skincare rather than makeup and Refinery29 says it’s due to the effects of stress on our skin.  Celebrities are simply following the money.

Famous faces are selling us the subliminal message that we could look like then, and now celebs are moving beyond brand ambassadors  – they want ownership and the big sell is their face and name. 

Kylie Jenner’s skincare sparked a discussion for including a walnut facial scrub which many experts argued was too harsh for the face. Rihanna’s Fenty also went into skincare with the Fenty Skin line, “expectations were high but for some, the products fell flat.” 

The article says this raises questions about how effective said products really are and how involved the celebrity of the brand actually is. Dr Kemi Fabusiwa says: “a significant part of the branding and appeal that comes with most celebrity skincare is the glamorous look and smell of their products, and glamour isn’t a wonderful ingredient in skincare. As a doctor, science and a strong evidence base take priority. The thrill and sparkle that is attached to a celebrity skincare line does not necessarily equate to healthier, nourished skin, which is the goal that we should be striving towards when it comes to our skincare.”

Skincare is a far more complex venture for celebrities than perfume. There are different types of skin to consider and expertise needed that your fave celebrity is not qualified to give. The article says it is for this reason you should be looking at who they’re working with. 

Victoria Beckham Beuty has aligned itself with skincare experts and makes clear that scientific standards are important to the brand which allowed the Beckham foray into skincare a degree of credibility, which other brands are lacking. 

Brands which are backed by incubators such as Beach House Group (the company behind Florence by Mills and Kendall Jenner’s Moon Oral Care) often raise questions of credibility. These incubators churn out celeb brands on a regular basis and rarely mention expert involvement. Celebrities may be little more than brand ambassadors with a cut of the profits, or they may be intimately involved in the creation process. It’s impossible to tell, and all the celebrity skincare brands Refinery29 reached out to declined to comment. Dr Fabusiwa thinks we should be careful and try to distinguish between what’s just marketing and what is effective for our skin. 

According to the article, trends suggest we’re moving towards a more scientific-focused skincare world and the pandemic is in part credited for the shift. 

Jenni Middleton, director of beauty at trends agency WGSN, shares what she thinks about the future of celebrity skincare.

“It depends on the celebrity and their popularity and social media profile, but for some companies, being a celebrity is enough to sell the brand. That said, beauty shoppers are very discerning and know their products, formulation, ingredients and benefits well, so they will be highly vocal on shopping sites and beauty forums if they find brands do not deliver the promised results or do not live up to the hype.” 

As to whether we can really trust celebrity skin care lines, the answer is only as much as you trust anything designed to make money. There will always be those looking to make a quick buck and celebrities who don’t look too closely at what they’re selling. 

Read the full story, From Kylie Skin To Fenty: What You Need To Know About Celebrity Skincare, by BETHANY FULTON on Refinery29

Celebrity Beauty Brand celebrities rihanna fenty kylie cosmetics makeup fashion

Make up lines were in the past the more logical choice, but since the pandemic skin care has become more enticing

Do All These Celebrities Need a Skin-Care Line?

Glamour reports on why all these celebrities have skincare lines. The article writes celebrities are all trying their hand at skincare. Brands launched recently include Rihanna’s Fenty Skin, Pharrell Williams’ Humanrace, millennial-pink-packaged Kylie Skin and Millie Bobby Brown’s Florence by Mills – a “clean beauty for teens”. 

Hailey Bieber hinted recently she has a skin-care line in the works and rumours swirl around Harry Styles’ Pleasing brand and Kris Jenner launching a skin care range. 

“We’re not seeing celebrities as much these days as we did,” says Rachel Weingarten a celeb beauty expert. “They don’t have glamorous movie premieres, there are less opportunities for endorsements. They have to do something to get their name out there and make money right now.”

Make up lines were in the past the more logical choice, but since the pandemic skin care has become more enticing, Glamour says. Skincare has ridden the wave of self-care trends that were starting to surge before the pandemic and last summer, for the fist time, skin care product sales surpassed makeup sales, per NPD.

“Where there is money to be made, celebrities are rarely far behind,” 

Sucharita Kodali, an analyst at market research firm Forrester, believes that skin care in particular has a lot of advantages for celebrities looking to capitalize. “It’s a high-margin category and the barriers to entry are low,” she tells Glamour

Still, not everyone watching this space is convinced that most of these lines will ultimately be successful. Selling skin care isn’t exactly the same as convincing people that tangerine lipstick is a must-have.

Skin care is invisible, which raises the question of whether shoppers will believe that celebrities use their own lines or that the products are responsible for their flawless skin.

While social media and access to a built-in fan base offer celebrities a massive leg up, success still comes down to sustained sales over time.

But with so much money floating around and so many lines launched by celebrities, does it even matter if a line fails? An expert says it could impact a celebrity’s ability to raise capital for another line or their ability to partner with brands on licensing deals. 

To the everyday shopper, though, a celebrity’s failure in the skin-care arena may hardly register. “Unless they fail spectacularly, they’re just going to be another statistic,” Weingarten says. 

Read the full article, Do All These Celebrities Need a Skin-Care Line? by Leah Bourne on Glamour

Celebrity Beauty Brand celebrities rihanna fenty kylie cosmetics makeup fashion

Deep Dive

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Gone are the days when stars would simply slap their names on a money-making fragrance. These days, some of the best celebrity beauty brands are the result of years (decades, even) soaking up tricks from the hair and makeup pros — then translating that expertise and high-wattage stardom into best-selling skincare, cosmetics, and hair care lines. – THR

Which celebrities have a makeup line?

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Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, and Selena Gomez all have their own brands. Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity to announce a beauty brand.

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The best skincare products, according to celebrities.

Celebrities have access to the world’s best dermatologists, aestheticians and makeup artists, so it’s no surprise they’re experts when it comes to skincare.

From gentle exfoliants and soothing spritzes to ultra-hydrating creams and acne-busting treatments, the cult-favorite products below have been tried and tested by plenty of A-listers — and continue to come out on top.

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