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W Euro 2022 - England Squad Player profiles

England Squad: Meet the stars leading a new England squad

This England squad have made one heck of an impression, inspiring women and girls across the country – and it looks like their star power will only continue. Here are the top players who have been instrumental to England’s success at the W Euro 2022. 

Girls and women inspired by Lionesses success - W Euro 2022

W Euro 2022: Girls and women inspired by Lionesses success 

This historic run by the Lionesses has marked a new era for Women’s football in England, and the UK. It’s remarkable to think that just over 100 years ago, women’s football was banned by the FA due to the committee believing it was ‘unsuitable for females. 

Beyoncé - BREAK MY SOUL new album Renaissance revival of 90s house music
Arts and Entertainment

Beyoncé: The return of music’s brightest star

Beyoncé recently announced her first solo album in seven years – Renaissance. She recently released the album’s lead single Break My Soul given music lovers and fans a taste of what’s to come.

The batman reveals how bad marvel movies are - what the batman does better than mcu - superhero movies - Christopher Nolan's the dark knight
Arts and Entertainment

The Batman reveals just how bad Marvel movies are

The release of the latest take on the caped crusader has been a smash at the box office and has also garnered plenty of critical acclaim – Why can’t the MCU catch up?

Football Mason Greenwood audio Premier League Manchester United #MeToo moment

Is Football about to have its #MeToo moment?

What’s fuelling misogyny in elite men’s football and will the Mason Greenwood case be a watershed moment? Inside the murky world of the modern dressing room.

Boris Johnson Peppa Pig - Boris Johnson speech - Boris Johnson unwell - Boris Johnson approval rating
Boris Johnson

Has Boris Johnson lost his grip?

Questions over whether the prime minister has lost his grip have been circulating online and in the media since his bizarre, rambling speech at the CBI.