FITT CUBE: Review of the best home fitness product right now

FITT Cube is not a one-trick pony - you can work on strength, flexibility, endurance and power training all with one cube.
FITT CUBE: Review of the best home fitness product right now

FITT CUBE: Review of the best home fitness product right now

After the announcement of Covid cases once again rising, I quit my gym and searched online for home equipment, stumbling upon what might be the best bit of home gym equipment on the market. The FITT Cube is the best buy out there now because it offers a range of exercises and takes up very little space. 

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With FITT Cube you can maintain your health goals in a one-time purchase. And it’s not a one-trick pony – you can work on your strength, flexibility, endurance and power training all with one cube.

The cube includes four inbuilt features for your everyday exercise. The 15 min workout guide allows you to hit your HIIT goals, getting your heart racing in moments. There are over 10 pieces of gym equipment in the cube, over 100 exercises you can do with the FITT Cube, a handy guide, workout videos and a workout chart.

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FITT Cube Features

Step – For cardio with the built-in mini stepper

Twist – A padded platform for core exercises, including seated abdominal twists

Grip – Grip is for strength, particularly good for planking, press-ups, dips and more

Power – Perfect for high-intensity interval training session box jumps

Built-in Resistance Bands – (7kg) to tone and strengthen your upper body, or increase your flexibility with Pilates-like movements

FITT CUBE: Review of the best home fitness product right now
FITT CUBE: Review of the best home fitness product right now

HIIT – Cardio – Fitness – the whole in one

The FIIT cubes best feature is the fact that you can improve your health goals, develop your endurance and do explosive and intense exercises by yourself at home. The versatility allows you to keep your training regimes fresh and responsive. Which is one of the most underrated changes you can make monthly. The moment your body feels like it is getting used to the torment of your exercising … change it up, That’s a real Pro tip.

What the FITT Cube includes

  • Fit Resistance Bands (7kg)
  • A full User Guide
  • 5 x FITT 15 Video Workouts led by PT and training expert Jordan Nevels
  • 3 x FITT 15 Targeted Video Workouts Exercise Chart led by fitness expert Jordan Nevels
  • New Image Nutrition & Health Guide
  • FITT Cube Trainer & Tracker App (Available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play)

Benefits of the FITT Cube

FITT Cube’s FITT 15 programme has been specially designed to bring you all the benefits of HIIT in one easy to follow system, with workouts lasting just 15 minutes a day.

Not to mention, it is easily portable so you can work out anywhere, anytime. Plus, you can track your progress with the integrated calorie and step counter.

Alternatives to the FITT Cube

You can develop your mind body and overall fitness in many ways. Some like the idea of going to a gym, having a routine, so that you can benefit from knowing you have ticked something off your ‘to-do list’.

Others are more health-conscious and working towards reaching a long term goal, maybe a beach body or 6 pack. And then there’s the other group who want to do it but always find a reason not to.

Obviously starting a gym membership would be hard, but research by the University of Oxford has found, people often make excuses to stop them from taking their first steps because it requires them to leave their home so it’s easier to say no. So for those type, who is also the most vulnerable, it is important to have home-based exercises that you can do throughout the day.

This is why we have our online WTX fitness community who lead online in-home classes so you can follow them from your own room at home. Fitness classes from home.

Don’t forget though, If you’re planning on losing weight, it is important that you know that a healthy balanced diet is essential, and should become a life choice rather than a temporary action, as a ‘quick fix’ will not help you keep in good shape, and can actually be unhealthy. Don’t focus on the extremes, work on development so you can see the difference last long-term.

Hope you enjoy keeping fit with us.



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